Cupcake Manicure Tutorial by Syl and Sam

Syl and Sam is a super cool blog, featuring  fashion and style, run by Canadian sisters Sylvia and Sam. Their deliciously wonderful Cupcake Nails Tutorial left us drooling and we’re super thrilled they agreed to let us share it with you!

Sly and Sam used the following brands/colors: China Glaze Pink Underground, Orly Instant Artist White, LA Colors Atomic, Opi Mat-Adore Red

start by painting alternating pink and green on each finger

next paint a rectangle on the tip of the nail to be a cupcake wrapper

next use the striping brush to add some stripes to the cupcake wrapper

next create your cupcake top, make a circle and scallop the bottom edge

next use the red polish to add a small circle cherry on top!

last but not least, add some sprinkles by dipping a toothpick in the nail polish and dotting the cupcake top

It’s that easy to get yummy looking nails!

Thank you so much to Syl and Sam for this great tutorial! To view the Original Tutorial and a whole bunch of awesome style and fashion posts, visit Syl and Sam!

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