DIY Rope Coiled Basket by The Clever Bunny

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to brighten up my workspace. When I saw this DIY Rope Basket Tutorial from The Clever Bunny, I knew I found my latest project to make my home office a bit less worky and a lot more quirky.  Katy, the brilliant mind behind this creative blog, was kind enough to share the how-t0’s of this awesome little project here on The Daily Quirk.

Katy started by buying several kinds of rope from her local hardware store and some colored string for her local craft store. She also used every craft-a-holique’s best friend, her glue gun, but she says any kind of quirk drying glue will work.

To get started, she coiled the rope into a base, gluing away, and then proceeded to start coiling upwards to make the walls of the basket, gluing some more!

At any point, you can choose to add a colorful touch, tying a piece of your colored string around the rope and wrapping to your desired width. When you get the desired amount wrapped, use your glue to seal off your hint of color and then continuing coiling your basket. Add as many of these little touches as you like!

When your basket reaches a height you like, seal the rope with some glue and wa-lah you have an awesome little rope basket with quirky color accents!  We would like to thank Katy for letting us share this great DIY with you! For the full tutorial including more step-by-step pics as well as some more awesome DIYs, visit The Clever Bunny!

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