Caprese Salad Bruschetta by Fork vs Spoon

Doesn’t that image just scream yum?!? I thought so and promptly made my way over to Fork vs Spoon as soon as I saw it to find out how I could make this bruschetta yumminess for myself! Mallory at Fork vs Spoon has come up with one of the most delicious bruschetta recipes I have ever encountered, and that says a lot because next to cupcakes, which I make it my business to be a connoisseur of and eater by the dozen, bruschetta is my second favorite food obsession.

Mallory provides not only the recipe, but a plenty of pictures to help you make this bruschetta happen. I love being able to compare how my version of a recipe (usually much sloppier and never as beautifully plated) is turning out compared to the author’s, so I really appreciate the visual nature of all of Mallory’s posts on Fork vs Spoon.

I highly recommend you check out Mallory’s recipe for Caprese Salad Bruschetta on Fork vs Spoon as well as all the other great recipes you can find on the blog!

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