5 Reasons… Why I Can Barely Contain Myself Until Fifty Shades of Grey is a Movie!

Image Credit: Eren Belle Asentista

Image Credit: Eren Belle Asentista

Well, this will be quite hard to limit down to five reasons, as I am sure everyone who has read the books will agree…

1. I can not wait to see how the story will unravel on the big screen, to see how exact the movie is to the book. It is such a let down to me when they take away scenes that you were dying to see or they change scenes to be different from the book. I’m really hoping this stays as true to the book as film and an R-rating will allow.

2. A movie is what the actors and directors make it. If the wrong actors are picked, it can be such a waste. So, I can’t wait to see who will make up the cast and if they live up to my expectations! I am so hoping they do.

3. Looking forward to see how they will direct,cut and edit all of those “Red Room” scenes, while trying to keep the movie R-rated?! This will be beyond interesting.

4. When the first movie is out of theaters, I get to buy the dvd. I know I’m not the only one who wants to take Christian home with me. It will keep me hanging on until Fifty Shades Darker comes out and then Fifty Shades Freed!

5. Saving the best for last I cannot wait for abs, pants hanging off hips, and killer sexiness!


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons… Why I Can Barely Contain Myself Until Fifty Shades of Grey is a Movie!

  1. narcissista1 says:

    I am totally hoping Angelina Jolie gets to direct. That girl is sex nuts! Did you see Gia? If I were a Scott Rudin like object, I would let it live in all it’s triple X glory and then get HBO to distribute it. I can imagine a lot of Christian Greys, but who do you think would play the girl?

  2. Odysseus says:

    UGH. Women.

    Yet another book to create a fictional character for women to pine over that their men will never live up to, giving them a false sense of sexuality and domination.

    NEWS FLASH: BDSM isn’t like you read in your book, and it life CERTAINLY isn’t that eccentric, no matter how much YOLO you shout.

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