POLL: Who Should Elena Ultimately Choose Stefan or Damon on The Vampire Diaries?

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The return of The Vampire Diaries is just a few short weeks away! With the revelation that Elena in fact met Damon first and is now, gasp, transitioning into a vampire, who she will choose to be with going forward is anyone’s guess. We want to know who you think she should ultimately wind up with! Vote now and don’t forget to tune into The Vampire Diaries October 11, 2012 8/7c on The CW!

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31 thoughts on “POLL: Who Should Elena Ultimately Choose Stefan or Damon on The Vampire Diaries?

  1. Andrea Driscoll Plumley says:

    So have always been a team Edward type of girl. I think that team Jacob people are either a)talking about the actor not the acutal character b)do not understand the concept of destiny c)just stupid. Edward is Bella’s true love and has always been 100% devoted and put her ahead of himself even if it was torchure to him.
    That being said I cannot be a team Stefan. My reason is that the character has changed. Where he was a devoted lover, friend and anti blood drinker when he was introduced to the show he became a blood lustful brooding jerk. He has done some terrible things to Elena and in general. Granted Damon has too but most of the time even when he is doing the wrong thing its always with Elena’s best interest in mind. Stefan takes everything to extremes and with men like that when they love you its great but you never know when the pendulum swings the other way how bad it will get and how much damage they will cause. Maybe she doesnt end up with Damon and finds someone new but after Stefan showed his true colors I think she should ever go back to him.

  2. MaryPep says:

    Omg are you crazy?Stefan when did bad things to Elena?He was trying to break up with her just to protect her from Klaus!When he was a ‘jerk’he was under compolsion!His true colors?Stefan when drinks blood is an other person but he was willing to control himself and not let Elena see him in that situation.He has changed cuz becausr of Klaus he lost his girlfriend and he destroyed his life.He was dedicated to his revenge cuz he thought he lost Elena but when he came back to his senses he tried to see if she loves him and ofc Elena never stopped loving him.And btw I find it soooo cliche the bad guy to change for the good girl.I prefer the Damon of the 1st seasoAnd I cant see him and Elena as a couple….

    • Ashley says:

      No, you are whitewashing all of S3. I’m not a Stefan hater, but none of the choices he made after he was released from Klaus’s complusion in ep. 9 were because of blood lust or out of any self-sacrifice. He was out for revenge because he blamed Klaus for everything and didn’t care who got in his way. This isn’t bias, it’s just fact. He wouldn’t let himself care. He started to later on, but he’s responsible for everything that happened before that, from the end of ep. 9 onwards, specifically. Stefan and Damon at the end of the day are both killers and have both done horrible things, that’s not what who Elena should be with is about. At the end of the day, I feel Damon and Elena have been portrayed as the couple for many reason, because they have a connection that goes beyond anything else on the show, and because they bring out the best in each other and understand each other, and because they save each other.

  3. AJ says:

    Dude, he was compelled to turn off his humanity (something he’d done multiple times willingly before,) the words he said to Elena were his own. Turning off your humanity (like Damon was in S1) doesn’t change who you are. He thought those things, the fact that he said them aloud is where the whole no-humanity comes in.
    And BS on the whole he was trying to protect Elena with his revenge scheme. He says multiple times to Elena and Damon that it’s all about revenge, not protection. “Revenge is all I have left”, “protecting Elena is your job now”, “if I let myself care, all I feel is pain.” Stefan was being selfish. He didn’t deny it, he never said otherwise, the producers never said otherwise, people try to see something good is what was a ridiculous and self-centered rampage , but in-series, there was none. He had a choice to return to Elena when he was freed, she would have immediately taken him back. He had his freedom and nothing had yet happened between Damon and Elena, but he chose not to.
    Also, spell check- it can be your friend.

  4. Stelena says:

    IT’S ALWAYS GONNA BE STELENA, no matter what ❤ that's a true love, they complete each other and they're each others reasons to fight and live. The way they look at each other and those magical moments, that's something beautiful ❤ and if a true love dies just like that, then what's the pont? Yeah maybe she likes Damon but she only likes his passion, the way he acts, he's a person for advanture or should we say a short relationship, but that's all, and Stefan is a man for true love, for long time, and isn't it just amazing how he respects Elena's decisions and the way they trust each other, if that's not a true relationship then i don't know is. Ofcourse every girl wants a little passion and fire, something interesting like Damon, but when you get older, you just want someone you'll stay with for a long time (forever) in an amazing relationship (true love).

    • Sarah says:

      How old are you? Because I like my relationships passionate and I’m in my 20’s. Also, your poor points and inability to correctly type make me think you’re probably (at oldest) 14. Come back when you’ve actually been in serious, real relationships. They’re based on truth- something Stelena has never had.

    • Sarah says:

      You’re ignoring one important and crucial fact: STEFAN LEFT ELENA TO DROWN AND DIE in the finale. He was about to save her first, but she urged him to rescue Matt first, and he did, he ‘respected her decision to die.’ How is that amazing? There’s a time and place to respect her decisions, but HER DROWNING WAS NOT THAT TIME. If he REALLY loved her, if Stefan REALLY cared about whether she lived, he would have ignored her urges to save Matt, and saved her! Yeah, Matt would have died, but at least you Stelena fans would have some valid point in your ship, because Stefan saving Elena from dying and becoming a vampire WOULD HAVE been love and faithfulness and all that. BUT THE TRUTH IS: HE DID NOT. It’s BECAUSE of his choice to respect her decision in a life or death situation, that Elena is SUFFERING in her transition into something SHE’S NEVER, EVER WANTED. Stefan’s being blamed, RIGHTFULLY, for her transition. Now tell me, how is THAT true love? Here’s another crucial fact: if Elena never had DAMON’S blood in her system, she wouldn’t be alive or in transition–she’d just be dead dead. After all, at the end of the day, Damon will be the one to keep her alive.

      • Neraven says:

        Not everything. Doesn’t matter the slightest whose blood was in her system. He was not the one to save her, Meredith was. She’s the one who put that blood into her. Not Damon.
        And I think you do not understand the full extent of how traumatic her parent’s deaths were for her. Stefan had already saved her once. Matt was able to be saved and she did NOT want to have someone else die in the same situation as her parents did. Past trauma does not always make one think clearly. Besides, she’s always the one getting saved by everyone, and I’m fairly certain that would have been a factor in her decision.

      • Tara says:

        Nothing Elena did was wrong, but Stefan? What the hell was he thinking? You can’t love someone and leave them to die and save their friend instead just because she asked you to. And obviously Stefan had to know he probably (certainly) wouldn’t be able to save her since he was in the EXACT same situation a year or so ago, same spot, too. If he wasn’t sure, he must have known to some extent there wouldn’t be time. Love isn’t a rational, logical thing. It’s emotion. It’s not like life support where Stefan would have time to come to terms and there would have been no other way to save her. Stefan could have saved her life but he prioritized the choice of a depressed, traumatized 18 year old with a history of treating her life with little to no regard. When people act like that, no one lets them make decisions involving their own life. But most of all, in simplest terms, it just shows that Stefan thinks that the means justify the ends. As long as he does whatever he believes is more “moral”, it doesn’t matter the result. Look at his reaction post-gambit with Damon in 2×18 to see more. And Jeremy, who loves Elena most or at least equally as much, would never have saved Matt. Just as Stefan didn’t consider letting Damon die in 1864 or when he was bitten by a werewolf despite how much Damon wanted to. Love can’t allow you to think in that way- you have to fight for your loved ones. It’s not selfish, self-centered or even selfless, but it’s human and natural. It’s how people who love react.

      • Ashley says:

        Of course Damon didn’t save Elena in the flesh, but his blood being the blood that saved her holds meaning. Damon has saved Elena so many times, it’s poignant that they actually both saved each other in the finale without being there. Elena dying killed Alaric, who would have definitely killed Damon, and Damon’s blood saved Elena. If you don’t see what the writers were going for there, oh well. But it’s pretty clear. If it meant nothing, they would have not written it that way, but they did. They could have just as easily made it a random vampires blood, but they wanted the Damon/Elena saving each other parallel.

    • Ashley says:

      Don’t speak for “older” people. I’m in my mid twenties and I ship Delena and have since Season 2 for a reason. Hate to break it to you, but I see a lot more very young Stelena fans than Delena fans. I’m sorry, but why do Stelena shippers keep re-using that stale line like it actually has any substance and value at this point? The show has taken very clear steps at showing that Elena no longer feels that way about Stefan. If you can’t see it oh well. It went from “always” in 2.01, to saying nothing in response to Damon in 2.22, to saying she “can’t think about always, only right now” in 3.22. Pay attention to the show and you’ll realize that quoting that line gives Stelena no power. And since Stefan was Elena’s first love and she’d only been with him a few months when she said that, she was obviously very naive at that point, and couldn’t possibly predict the rest of her life. She didn’t mean to fall in love with Damon, but she did, as did Damon with Elena. She feels like Stefan is the right choice, but deep down she knows how she really feels about Damon. She just hasn’t been able to admit that to herself and out loud yet. What do you think the show is building to? Why do you think they didn’t just get Delena out of the way? Why do you think we saw Damon’s face, and not Stefan’s, as he realized Elena was dying? They could have turned that into a huge Stelena moment, but they didn’t. Even in the finale where Elena chose Stefan, it was made all about Damon. Damon got her last words, and we didn’t get an actual choosing scene, or even a real rescue scene. The finale, instead, showed us that Damon met Elena before Stefan did and got her instantly, and they had an instant connection. The show is building Damon and Elena up very carefully, not tearing them down. They have not portrayed Damon as an “adventure”. It’s never been portrayed as a fling, that’s wishful thinking. It would have already happened by now, but instead they have not even had Elena admit her feelings yet. There’s a reason for that, and that’s not how you write a fling. You don’t give flings scenes like in 2.08, 2.22, 3.10, 3.19, and 3.22. That’s how you write an endgame couple.

      • Samantha Colombe (@BDSandM) says:

        Unfortunately, I know you are right, and came to terms with this fact during S3. I don’t feel Damon is the right choice for her on any level, and I’m pretty disappointed.

        This is like Peach Girl all over again.

        Why do these creators keep making the protagonist choose d***-heads?? QnQ

  5. Shruthi says:

    Damon/Elena obviously. She wants a love that consumes her and Damon gives her that, along with a HUGE list of other reasons why they belong together that I don’t feel like getting into.

  6. Laurie says:

    I’m so sick of the Stefan left Elena to die stuff. It was HER choice. That’s what their relationship has always had, RESPECT. I’d die for a few people in my life. And if i had any way to save them over myself, it would/better happen. If my husband saved me before a few people, I’d never forgive him, and probably go crazy with guilt or worse. Stefan did the right thing. Elena has seen so many people she loves die, she couldn’t deal with anyone else. Stefan loves her enough to respect her wishes, even if he doesn’t agree with them. No one controls or owns Elena, she should be ALLOWED to make her OWN choice. And as for the S3 Stefan. He did everything to save Elena and Damon. He gave up everything for them. He had to do what he did to keep Klaus away, or try to destroy Klaus. I’m not saying hes perfect, but most of what he’s done has legit reasons if you aren’t biased enough to look into them. I’m 30 and love both brothers. I see a lot of Stefan hate that isn’t justified at all. If you love the show, you have to learn to love him. What did the show start with? It’s Stefans story, yeah there’s other characters plot and all, but he was/is the narrator in this.

    • Izzy says:

      HAHAHAHAHAH This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen. From it’s Stefan’s story (bullshit, dumbass, it’s Elena’s story) to it was Elena’s choice. Well duh but Stefan choose to let her die too. Stop trying to change facts, Stefan did everything post 3×09 for REVENGE! Everyone from Julie Plec to Stefan himself say so. Oh, and by the way- first main character seen is actually Damon. He’s the murderer in the beginning. The story if you want to get technical about it started there. Or if we’re talking flashbacks either with Damon and Elena’s first meeting or the Originals.

      • Laurie says:

        Uh look back to the first episode, its Stefans voice at the begining. It’s says “and this is my story”. Not saying hes the most important or anything, but that is what is said. And Stefan loved and respected her enough to put what she wanted before his wants. Thats true love. Everyone would die for someone in their life, and Stefan respected what Elena needed. It wasn’t all revenge. Did you not hear Klaus threatening them? Or Stefan trying to keep both of them far away from Klaus. And how he pushed them both away to keep them safe? Yeah, the bridge scene bugged me. But at the end, he was trying to get Klaus away from them. Right or wrong, he was trying to protect them. I defend all of them, so keep saying I’m wrong or a dumbass. I’m watching it for what it is and not being biased.

      • Neraven says:

        No, actually, your comment is one of the dumbest I’ve seen. You have a few valid points, but most of them have already been said or are irrelevant to what Laurie said. You’re not reading anything she said, pretty much.

    • Ashley says:

      Sorry, but we are allowed to disagree and even many Stelena fans disagree. Noone would willingly let the person they loved die for that person’s friend, even if it’s what they wanted. You would honestly ask your husband to let you die over your friend and expect him to be able to do it, especially if you were drowning and only had seconds?? I don’t think many would. It’s not realistic at all, that’s the problem I had with it. It was just poor writing, and a way to get Elena to turn. A plot device, if you will. There’s a reason that Paul Wesley didn’t like the scene either and said he didn’t think it should have happened that way. It’s not just Stefan haters that have a problem with it.

      And that whole thing proved one thing unarguably: Stefan can stand the thought of living without Elena, otherwise he would have saved her despite her wishes. He doesn’t need her. And Stefan also can’t keep her alive.

      Damon loves Elena more.

      And I don’t even hate Stefan, but that’s what the scene showed me.

      And I don’t understand your whitewashing of Stefan’s actions. After he was free of Klaus he chose revenge over Elena, that was made very clear. It wasn’t about any self-sacrificing motivation, nor when any of the actions that followed, like refusing to give the coffins back even though Jeremy would be killed or the forced blood and driving Elena over the bridge. Look, I’m not saying Damon hasn’t done equally bad things, but Stefan has too and there’s no need to act like he hasn’t. If you look hard enough, there’s always a justification for anything, that doesn’t make it right. Besides, who Elena should be with is not based on lists of bad deeds, that entirely misses the point. It started out as Stefan’s story perhaps, but it’s become something else along the way, and Damon is not secondary to him any longer.

      • Laurie says:

        Yes, I honestly would for a few people in my life, as I think most would. Sometimes life requires sacrifice, and honestly I would expect my wishes to be honored. It would be MY choice, not my husbands. Which is why I’m sticking up for Stefan here. His first instict was to get her first, but she asked him to save Matt. Which I think shows more love and respect than saving the one you would rather save.

        I’m not saying all Stefan’s actions are ok. Him threatening to drive her off the bridge was way wrong. But than again, I blame that on them trying to even on the playing field for the triangle and all. But I do believe the majority of his actions were in some way to save both Damon and Elena. While, yes, revenge may have been a factor as well. But he did attempt to keep Klaus away from both of them and protect them in my eyes.

        At the end of the day, I love both brothers and don’t understand some points of view on either. But I’m not going to argue. Your opinion is yours, and I respect that. I just speak mine as well.

      • Sarah says:

        Name one instance in which he tried to keep Damon or Elena safe by his revenge scheme. There’s none because his actions were fueled by revenge, not love or protection. It was based off “getting mad” and revenge was “all he had left.” Stefan, the writers/producers, Elena- no one ever says he is doing this to protect anyone. He’s certainly not protecting Elena or Damon when he’s knowingly putting Damon and Jeremy’s lives at risk. “I thought Stefan saved your life, now he’s willing to risk it?” (3×11) This “protection” thing is ridiculous, people seeing what they want to see. Stefan certainly valued revenge over Damon’s life in 3×18. What about Stefan killing the hybrids knowing that Elena would be used as a bloodbag in response. “Have you forgotten Elena’s part in all of this? Or do you not care if she’s used as a human bloodbag for the rest of her life” “No protecting Elena is your job now, I’m not compelled to do that anymore.” (3×11) How on earth is that keeping Elena out of it? That’s directly and needlessly involving her. If this was about protection, then killing the hyrbrids would be unnecessary. But since he’s just trying to get to Klaus, it makes perfect sense. And it is never stated anywhere that Stefan was concerned with anyone but Klaus and his impending demise during all of this.

  7. Lucy says:

    Elena should choose Stefan. Their love is so pure and they are great together. Then again Damon can protect her and be there for her..but if he goes off the bend..its not good for Elena,or him. So the ultimate choice,I would say is Stefan.

  8. Nate says:

    I read some people’s comment and it m̶̲̥̅̊ɑ̣̣̝̇̇Kǝ̥̥’s ♏ǝ̥̥ sick……mostly comment coming from delena fans. Y would u guys blame stefan for elena’s death, stefan wanted 2 save her but she asked stefan 2 save matt and he respected her decision and saved matt, Demon is an ass and i hate him, demon was d course of the riper…….Stefan saved demon by accepting a deal from klus so he could save is so called brother. He turned into something he didn’t want bcuz of demon’s stupidity……when klus compared stefan †̥ kill elena did u guy not see wat he did? First he told elena 2 Run and after that he tried 2 kill himself †̥ prevent him frm killing Elena…..That is wat true love is all about………..if elena chooses demon at d end i would defiantly stop watching it!!! STELENA 4 LiFE

    • Sarah says:

      It’s hard to tell with all your spelling errors, but what I can see is so factually incorrect, I wonder if you actually watch the show. Elena died because of Stefan’s choice to value “respecting her decision” over her life. This is a fact. You can think he was right in this, but that is what the scene illustrated. And if it was just because Stefan is so noble as to respect the wishes of the woman he loves, why do they include the exchanges between Stefan and Damon in which there is an emphasis on Elena hating the one who doesn’t respect her wishes? “You know she’ll just hate you for it” “Yeah but she’d be alive and she’d hate me.” First thing Stefan thinks is that Elena would hate him/Damon for not respecting her wishes even if it might save her life. “demon was d course of the riper.” I assume that’s actually Damon was the cause of Stefan becoming a ripper, but that’s all Stefan. Besides the fact that the Ripper started before Damon even turned, the second Stefan turned, the reason Stefan is a ripper has nothing to do with anyone but himself. It’s his lack of self-control. And how do you get self-control? By teaching yourself to resist temptation. It’s been made clear in the show that Stefan is a ripper because he denies his existence as a vampire. He doesn’t want to admit it to himself, so he ignores the bloodlust. Or at least he did. Every lapse he’s ever had, whether it’s started with Damon unknowingly encouraging to drink human blood (because Damon had no clue of his self-control issues at that point as they hadn’t seen each other for 50 years) or his father attacking him. Stefan has this problem because he is in denial that it exists when he’s “on the wagon.” And Damon’s stupidity? You must hate Caroline and Tyler (and Matt who was also going to get mauled by Tyler) because it was because he choose to save them as opposed to kill them (his originally plan was to kill the werewolf) in order to stop the ritual that Damon was bitten. And Stefan saved Damon because he wanted his brother. Damon tried multiple times to kill himself which Stefan prevented. But really? Who cares that Stefan saved Damon that once, it was a wonderful scene but has no credence in this argument. What about Damon electing to take on an entire house of vampires alone to save Stefan? He got help from Alaric but didn’t know it when he told Elena to get Stefan out of there. Or how about Damon taking the fall with Abby? We could go back and forth about why’s the better brother but clearly you don’t know how love works. Damon loves Stefan, Stefan loves Damon, if the one is in danger, the other is going to try and help. Elena is going to choose Damon at the end. The way the show is written makes that very clear. Honestly, they have sacrificed aspect of Stelena in order to develop Delena more- to say nothing of all the obvious foreshadowing. “You want a love that consumes you” “When I’m with him, he just consumes me.” The writers are doing it on purpose. And I’m surprised you have access to a TV considering your comment displays a complete and utter lack or regard for spelling, grammar and logic. You don’t seem old enough for your parents to let you watch TVD…

  9. Danielle says:

    It’s just a series…you are all tearing at eachothers throats for nothing..if you are a Delena fan, awesome, if you’re a stelena fan, that’s cool too, just agree to disagree, stop fighting like a bunch of caged up dogs. Gosh.

  10. eva-fate says:

    In the novels, this is a clear cut choice because Stefan is saner, and I read the novels first. I’m kinda biased towards stefan/elena for that reason.

    But honestly, as much as I adore Damon (I wanted to grow up and be with him when I was 14, you never forget.), I really don’t see a healthy relationship between either of them and Elena. Both of them are extremely screwed up. Plus, if she’s dealing with the additional angst of becoming a vampire, I think she’ll start to need a lot more stability than either of them can give her.

    To be honest, I think it would be cool if something like real life happened in this series and she didn’t pick either one, either because her own life was too complicated to decide that kind of thing or because she can’t really deal with the emotional and vampolitic consequences of choosing either one. Plus, I’m kind of getting sick of love triangles and how many hoops writers will put their characters through to make sure one exists.

  11. Olivia says:

    I love how Delena fans say “omg its true love. They love eachother, bla bla bla.” & than when it happens to be that Elena and Damon get together, we find out its not real. That Damon just sired her. Like what.? That’s not true love. Thats pure disrespectful and hurtful. I loved Damon and know I hate him. He took advantage of her and none of you Delena fans can say otherwise. Thank god for Caroline and Stefan figuring it out. Damon is way out of the picture, and he would of never been in the picture if HE HADN’T SIRED ELENA. Stefan is very caring over Elena and he loves her for real. And she loves him. He doesn’t need to site her in order for her to love him. So all I have to say is “HA. HA.” to all those Delena fans. Hope you liked it while it lasted. And if I were you I would be pretty upset that this whole thing is one of Damon’s devious little plans for someone to love him

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