Fitness: Getting Started!

Image Credit: lululemon athletica

We all know by now that fitness is an important aspect of our health and hardly a day goes by without new information concerning fitness being highlighted in the media. The experts aren’t lying, exercising really is key when it comes to a healthier life and on top of this it is also a pretty good tool for helping you feel a little better in your own skin. However for many people, the word “exercise” can be met with some dread. The thing is, working out should not be scary, nor should it be dull or become a huge chore. You just have to take the plunge, as nerve-wracking as that can seem, if you just get out there and start trying you’ll probably find you enjoy it!

Having been someone who danced for almost 12 years of my life, I had my exercise each week through that, and then when I stopped I had to try to figure out a way of working out regularly that I still enjoyed.

Here are a few of my tips for getting started and finding your feet:

1. Find something you enjoy doing. There is no point doing exercise you don’t enjoy doing because you won’t ever feel like working out. There are so many different fitness activities open to you and there is definitely something out there for everyone. You might prefer working out in the gym on the treadmill, jumping on your bike a few times a week, joining a sports team like a netball team, playing tennis, or you might like working out at home with some fitness DVDs. Whatever you choose, doing some exercise you enjoy a few times a week is great!

2. Get motivated. When you start exercising, have a reason in mind for why you are doing it. It definitely helps you to find the motivation to change into your workout gear if you know why you are deciding to exercise.

3. Make the time. When you have a busy week it is easy to end up making excuses for not finding the time to exercise. If you set aside time each week, maybe three or four times, to workout then you’ll know you’ve made the time for it. I find it sometimes helps to make an actual weekly workout plan.

Image Credit: Sophie J

4. Start small and build up. Something that can often set people back when they are starting to get into exercise is aiming too high and giving up quickly when they fall short. Fitness experts often recommend that you make yourself a fitness goal, or series of goals, which will give you something to work towards.

5. Reward yourself. Exercising should be fun but even when you have found a workout you enjoy doing there are sometimes days, and even weeks, when you just don’t really feel like working out. If you have given yourself a goal to aim for then it can be really great to plan a reward to give yourself if you reach your goal. Whether it is to workout weekly for a month, to lose a couple of pounds or to increase the time you can run for by five minutes, give yourself a little treat like a new piece of workout gear each time you complete a goal and you’ll definitely feel more positive!

So here are my five main tips for beginners starting to build up their exercise. Everyone has to start from somewhere and hopefully these tips have helped to show you that fitness is for everyone and it isn’t difficult to start working out!


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