Low Maintenance Hair Cuts and Styles

Image Credit: Helga Weber

I am the type of person that likes to change my hair for each new season. I hate to get the same haircut as last time and spend a lot of time scooping out not only what is fashionable, but also what is low maintenance enough for me to pull off. I usually hop on the internet and search for recent pictures of my go to celebrities, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba, and see what their hair is up to. Between the two of them, I can usually find either a hair color, cut, or style that I think I would like.

Then I print out as may pictures as I can to bring along to my stylist, who is always extremely patient while I panic over whether or not I will be able to recreate the look at home. Even though she always takes the time to show me exactly how to style my new look (If your hairdresser doesn’t do this, it’s time to get a new one. You should never leave the salon without a quick how-to!), I still sometimes feel lost the first time I go to do it myself.

This change of season, I decided to do my homework ahead of time and find out which looks are easy for anyone to maintain (even the most hair oblivious) while still looking fabulous! From Pixie Cuts to Fashionable Braids and Ombre Dye Jobs, here is a round up of the easiest and most stylish low maintenance hairstyles!


Image Credit: David Shankbone

The No Nonsense Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut is the ultimate no nonsense style. It may require more maintenance in the way of frequent snip ups at the salon to keep your short style just right, but requires next to no everyday styling or maintenance. Depending on your hair type, you should be able to skip the hair dryer and get away with a little mouse or shine serum just to keep things neat.

Image Credit: Crestock

Ombre Hair Color

Maintaining your roots can be a serious pain. An ombre dye job allows you to lighten up your look without having to constantly worry about your roots. You don’t have to go full on brown to blonde like Drew Barrymore if that drastic of a contrast makes you nervous. If your hair is a dark brunette, try starting out with a dark to light brown look for a less dramatic affect.

Image Credit: Paul Smith/Featureflash

Make Your Straight Hair Work for You

If your hair is naturally straight, don’t fight it. Opt for long layers over shorter choppy ones that will most likely lay flat anyway without styling. Add a shine serum to keep your mane looking glossy and fresh and let it do it’s thing. You can also try adding bangs to add a little dimension to you do.

Image Credit: Flickr User Thio Crystal

The Relaxed Bob

The bob will never go out of style. If you have naturally wave hair, it is easy to get Scarlett’s look by adding some tossling mousse and air drying. If your hair naturally falls straight, run a little shine serum through it for a sleeker look without much work.


Image Credit: David Shankbone

Long Layers

Lots of short layers means lots of styling. If you are lucky enough to have a think head of hair, don’t chop it to pieces. Go with long dramatic layers. With a little bit of brushing and mouse at the roots you may even be able to go hair dryer free.

Image Credit: Crestock

The Casual Pony

You can never go wrong with a pony tail. Dressed up or dressed down it’s a quick and easy way to reign in your coiffure. Precise pony tails were one of the biggest Fall 2012 Runway Hair Trends, but even a casual pony is a great low maintenance hair solution.

Image Credit: David Shankbone

Loose Shoulder Length Waves

Still long enough for a pony tail, but still short enough to be low maintenance, a shoulder length cut is a perfect way to show off your natural waves. Skip the blow dryer and tousle your in your hands with some scrunching product or mouse and let it fall how it may.

Shailene Woodley (Image Credit: Crestock)

The Simple Braid

Braids are all the rage! From the classic, to the fishtail and the dutch, there is a braid for every skill level and no matter which one you choose it’s a quick an easy way to give your hair that put together look (even if you just braided it on the way over in the car).

2 thoughts on “Low Maintenance Hair Cuts and Styles

  1. leahloughran says:

    I love low maintenance hair. I just cut my hair into a pixie and life is so great, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back. I wrote about it here: leleah.com/why-i-cut-my-hair-short

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