Poll: Who is Your Ideal “Divergent” Four?

POLL: Who is Your Ideal Divergent Four?

Casting young actors and actresses for leading roles in highly anticipated movies is always a challenge. And often times, those chosen end up being different than what most fans want to see. The case is no different for Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent, and fans have already planned out who meets the criteria for their Tris and Four.

Roth herself is more laid back on the issue, by saying in an MTV interview from 2011 that “I’d rather have a good actor than an actor who looks just right.”

Do we agree? Of course not! We want perfection. So now is the chance to make your opinions heard and vote for who you would like to see take over the coveted roles of the Divergent leading lady and her undeniably gorgeous beau.

Please note, this poll is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way associated with Harper Collins, Summit Entertainment, or Lionsgate. One vote per individual. Poll ends 4/28/13.


Thank you to the following fanpages for sharing our poll:

DivergentProud to be a Wizard, Tribute, Avian, and Divergent.

Divergent Nation

“Peace is restrained; this is free.” -Tris

Shooting Bullets Out Of Your Nostrils Because You’re Tobias Eaton

I <4 You ~Divergent

“My blood sizzles on the coals. I am selfish. I am Brave” ~Tris Prior

Christina (Divergent)

I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent.

I’m Divergent, a wizard, a narnian, a demigod. I am a reader

“We believe in freedom from fear.” ~Dauntless Manifesto

The Five Factions of Divergent

“I am Divergent, And I Can’t Be Controlled.” ~Beatrice Prior

Divergent Movie

“How were your moths?” ~ Tris

Dauntless (Divergent)

Fandoms Unite

Divergent Series UK

Sou Divergente

“That’s my girl. Tough as cotton balls.” -Will

Four and Six

“Maybe there is some abnegation in everyone, even if they don’t know it”

YA Fandoms Unite

Tobias Eaton (Divergent)

Dauntless victors from district 9 3/4

Dauntless: The Brave

Tobias Eaton

Colton Haynes

I Love Logan Lerman


The Divergent Trilogy

Logan Lerman

Douglas Booth

“Oh, that whopping two-year gap is insurmountable, isn’t it?” ~Tobias Eaton

Evan Peters, Kit or Tate.

“Faction before blood”

We Love Evan PetersThe Fear Landscape

Tobias Eaton (Four)

Why can’t I be a Half-blooded Divergent Avian Shadowhunter Wizard Victor?

“I have a message for the Divergent.”

“Faction before blood”

Tobias loves cake. Peeta bakes cake. Cake goes well with butterbeer.

Four and Six

“Selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different.” ~Tobias Eaton

Divergent- One Choice

We love Tobias Eaton

Keep Calm And Be Divergent

Become Divergent, have lucid dreams.

” I Just Don’t Want To Lose You ” ~ Tobias Eaton

Tobias Eaton

Divergent, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, & Percy Jackson Forever

I Play Capture The Flag Because It’s Dauntless Tradition.

Divergent & Proud

“You die, I die too” ~Tobias Eaton

Being a Divergent Rebel

Stiffs can be heroes too (Divergent Trilogy)

Dumping Your Boyfriend because he isn’t Tobias Eaton

Steven R Mcqueen

“You are holding a loaded gun, you idiot. Act like it.”

The small, quiet girl from Abnegation is no more

It kinda sucks being Factionless.

Colton Haynes FanPage

Are you like me? I ask silently. Are you Divergent? ~Tris

Logan Lerman

Douglas Booth


“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up.” – Divergent Series

Logan Lerman.

Evan Peters Fan Page

District Divergent

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