Quirky Item of the Week: Japanese Nanotechnology Shark Pet Bed

If buying my dog a bed that makes it look he is being eaten by a shark is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I am not sure why I find the idea of this so amusing, but I must not be the only one if someone developed it, at least that’s what I tell myself. The Japanese Nanotechnology Shark Pet Bed comes in two sizes, one for pets up to 10lbs and one for pets up to 25lbs and supposedly is made of some kind of special material that keeps it smelling and looking clean. Now I can not comment on the the special fabric’s effectiveness since I have not yet purchased by Shark Pet Bed (it keeps selling out!), but I will say that most of the reviewers seem pretty pleased with it. 

As soon as it is back in stock, I plan on scooping up my own Shark Pet Bed for my mini dachshund. He’s a crate at night puppy (with a nicer mattress than my own), so he does not really need another dog bed, but he is a big fan of jamming himself into small places (behind my couch, under shelving units, etc) and I think this would be perfect hidey hole for him that I do not have to worry about him getting stuck in. Also, I think it will be extremely amusing for me to see him running in and out of a shark’s mouth, but that’s neither here nor there.

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