The Walking Dead: Season 3 Catch Up

The Walking Dead (Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

If you are not already watching The Walking Dead, you should be because this show is only growing in its popularity.  The writing is excellent, the acting is superb, the effects are grade A horror film worthy, and this season is only getting better.  Here is a little summary of the events we’ve seen so far in season three.

After the finale of season two, mostly focusing on the farmhouse and the group’s dynamics, season three jumps straight into thrilling action of the group (Rick, Lori, Hershel, Maggie, Glenn, Darryl, Carl, Carol, T-Dog, and Beth) fighting to survive against seemingly inescapable walkers.  Rick has declared himself the leader of the now non-democratic group and keeps everyone on the move to find food and shelter.  Rick finds a prison nearby and decides that clearing the prison yard would be safer and more effective than continually running, so the group goes in and blows the brains out of every walker.  They continue to clear more and more areas of the prison hoping to find food and a comfortable living environment.  The problem with prisons is that they’re often like a maze with different cellblocks and locked hallways, which leads to surprise attacks by walkers.  Poor Hershel becomes victim to one seemingly dead walker who bites his leg.  In a frantic attempt to save Hershel from becoming one of the undead, Rick applies a belt loop tourniquet and lops of his leg.  In the midst of that drama they discover there are prisoners alive and hiding in the cafeteria turned makeshift surgery room.  The discovery of the survivors throws a wrench in the group dynamics but certain unsavory characters don’t last long with the new Rickinator, the group leader/killing machine.  As far as personal relationships, we know that Maggie and Glenn are still very much in love and enjoying each other’s company.  Rick and Lori are barely speaking while Lori struggles with her pregnancy and the thought of giving life in such a horrific world.  Carol and Darryl are flirtatious but Darryl is fighting Carol’s advances with all he has but I’m guessing he’ll fail soon.

Meanwhile, Andrea and her savior from last season’s finale, Michonne, are wandering the Georgia countryside with two walkers on leashes (no arms, no jaws) to protect themselves from swarms.  While struggling to survive the twosome come across a downed helicopter with only one survivor, but a group of other living folks show up and clear the site.  Before this new group leaves they discover Andrea and Michonne hiding in the woods.  When we come back to them they’ve been taken to a safe haven, Woodbury.  A seemingly perfect escape from the world of zombies and hunger, they have power, food, medicine, yards, homes, etc.  However, not all is what it seems in Woodbury as Michonne (always on guard) starts poking around town and finds walkers being held in a closet, a list of women’s names, and an endless notebook of tally marks.  Although Michonne makes her way to the other side of the Woodbury walls, Andrea stays behind and sees that the town has an interesting entertainment tradition – ultimate fighting with walkers as boundaries.

The saddest episode this season was back at the prison where an unknown surviving prisoner starts sounding the alarms and breaks the lock off a door holding back walkers.  In the chaos, Lori along with Carl and Maggie get separated trying to find safety.  While trapped inside the prison, Lori goes into labor and does not dilate thus necessitating a c-section in order to give birth.  Determined to give her newborn a shot a life, Lori says a very sad goodbye to Carl and forces Maggie to give her a crude c-section to save the baby.  After they pull the baby out, Carl shoots his mom in the head to ensure she does not come back as a walker.  When Carl and Maggie emerge from the prison with the baby in hand but without Lori, the look on Rick’s face was pure and utter sorrow.  It was incredibly difficult to watch as he breaks down at the realization of his loss.  *tear*

Don’t forget to watch the next episode on Sunday @ 9:00pm on AMC.  I know I’ll be watching and reporting back.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 3 Catch Up

  1. embelladorn says:

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    Loving this season A LOT. I like it better than the last and maybe even more than the 1st. The characters have so much more depth.

  2. BreAna Hansen says:

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    Just in case any of you were interested in reading a recap of season 3, I’ve posted it on The Daily Quirk. Also, I pose a challenge to my readers…who can come up with the best nickname for The Walking Dead fans? I have a few ideas: The Walking Deadheads, Walker Talkers, or Walker Watchers. Comment and let me know what you think or any of your ideas! Let’s make this thing go viral.

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