5 Reasons….I Love the Snow!

Image Credit: Flickr User stashabella

Image Credit: Flickr User stashabella

I’m a cold weather girl. If I didn’t have to deal with 90+ degree days ever in a year, I’d be happy. So I’d like to share a bit about something I really love. Love so much I can’t wait for it to arrive, hate to see it go, and hope I get bunches in between. Snow!

The sound, and lack thereof – There is nothing quite as satisfying as the crunch of a fresh snowfall beneath your feet, your boot prints following behind you. The amount of snow doesn’t have to be much, but a few good inches and you get that “crunch”. Equally , I love the quietness and peace a snowfall brings, especially at night. Taking my dog for a walk at night during or after a snowfall is a time I’ve always enjoyed. No one else out, just him and me, the only sounds are of my feet and the bells on his collar. It’s a quiet and stillness that can only happen on a snowy night.

foot prints in the snow

Image Credit: Dan Phiffer

It’s beauty. Fresh white snow on the ground, in your yard, on the bushes and tree tops. It’s picturesque. I love the great pictures you can take with snowy trees as your backdrop. I love how it looks all around you when you go for a scenic drive. Can’t get enough of how it looks during Christmas on houses that are decorated with lights. Snow is pretty. 🙂

Snowy night w/Christmas lights

Image Credit: Michael Hohimer

Fitness capabilities. Yea this is a weird one, I know. But I really really enjoy shoveling.  Shoveling burns some 400 calories give or take, an hour for an average size person. So give me a shovel and I’ll handle the job of shoveling our steps, walkways and sidewalk. Aside from needing to just keep the front of the house clear, we have to make a path for the dog too. In his younger years all 50 pounds would barrel though the deepest snow, but at his age I’ll do it for him, and that’s even more of a workout shoveling to all the way to the yard!

Dog running through the snow

Image Credit: Chris Parfitt

You get to play in it! – Of course kids love it. Creating snowmen, snow angels, having snowball fights, going sledding. Kids can stay busy for hours outside, where they belong playing anyway. Bundle them up and send them out to have a blast. Now, I get to go out with my daughter and have fun with her. I cannot wait to show her how to make a snow angel, build snowmen and dress them up. Take her for a walk on her sled at the park. I get to relive a bit of youth through her, and I can’t wait.

playing in the snow

Image Credit: Flickr User terren in Virginia

The warm up – As much as you loved playing outside, there was nothing like coming in after playing outside in the snow all day. Getting your soaking wet snow clothes off and into something warm and cozy. Drinking hot chocolate and watching the snowfall, or admiring your snow fort outside. As much as I loved being outside I loved getting warmed up when I was done too.

Hot Chocolate

Image Credit : Alex Roe

These are some of my top reasons for loving a good snow! Feel free to leave you own reasons in the comments!

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