Bates Motel: Season 1 Episode 104 ‘Trust Me” Recap

Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Norman barely escapes Deputy Shelby’s house after finding the Asian girl, the only reason he gets away is due to his brother’s help.  He distracts Shelby by asking for help with finding gas.  Norman doesn’t even realize Dylan saved his ass.

Things are heating up between Norma and Deputy Shelby, getting busy in the Bates Motel room.  Dylan catches them on their way out and there is an awkward almost victorious smirk on Deputy Shelby’s face as he stares down Dylan and gets in the car with Norma.  Shelby is not a good guy.  Dylan warns Norma not to trust him but it’s hard to say how she took it.

Deputy Shelby has a run in with Norman on his way to Bradley’s house, the cop suggests Norman and him get to know each other.  He wants to take Norman fishing but Norman is clearly scared out of his mind.  A little while later Norman confronts Norma with what he found in Shelby’s basement – the Asian girl.  She doesn’t believe him and tries to convince him that he has a history of delusions.  Nonetheless, Norma goes sneaking into Zack Shelby’s basement to check it out during a sleepover (this relationship is moving awfully fast even for TV).  When she checks it out, nothing is there but boxes and home improvement equipment.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, let me just say that Mike Vogel (Deputy Shelby) is pretty hot.

Zack and Norman go fishing despite Norman’s objections.  Although I am no fishing expert, I did grow up with a family full of river fishing men and I’m pretty sure you don’t line fish off a cliff into a river and hope to catch one.  Whatever, it’s TV.  Zack gets a call mid-fish and he goes to the docks to identify Keith Summers’ (the rapist) decomposed hand with a watch attached.

After the hand is found, Norma is dragged into the Sheriff’s station and questioned by Sheriff Romero.  When she continues to deny her involvement in the murder Sheriff Romero promises to match fibers under the victim’s watch with her thrown out carpet.  The catch being that the cops don’t know where the dumped carpet is and Norma does.  Her and Norman try to recover it but are thwarted at the dump gates where Norma admits to Norman that she didn’t defend herself she “killed the crap out of him” for raping her.  Hell, I still think that’s self-defense considering.

Norman confides in his brother about all that has happened and why him and Norma are so scared.  It seems like Dylan will be on their side but I’m guessing there will be a price.

Norman and Bradley start to bond over their dead dads with hugs, movies, and ice cream.  After having a heart to heart with his brother, Norman goes to visit Bradley at her swanky house at 10:00pm.  This quickly leads to a dreamy love-making scene almost Romeo & Juliet–esque.  I’m afraid this is bad news for Emma who is sick after their recent adventure into the woods.

While Norman is getting laid, Norma has an altercation with Dylan just before the cops show up and arrest her for the murder of Keith Summers.

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