Fashion with Character: Olivia Pope of ‘Scandal’

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in SCANDAL (Image Credit: ABC)

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in SCANDAL (Image Credit: ABC)

When the Sex and the City series finale aired on February 22, 2004 I knew I was in trouble. Not only was I losing my beloved NYC girlfriends, I was also going to miss out on the latest fashion. For eight long years I searched for a show that could inspire fashion envy and I didn’t find it until now. The hottest show on network television, Scandal, not only features steamy scenes between D.C.’s top fixer and the President of the United States but an enviable wardrobe of leading lady Olivia Pope. Although Olivia’s style is much less funky and risk taking as Patricia Fields’ choices, her professional attire is something to behold as it is neither boring nor inappropriate. Bravo Lyn Paolo for pulling me out of my post-STC fashion funk!

Work it like Olivia Pope

As Olivia navigates the tangled web of Washington, D.C. politics and drama she is always polished and camera ready. She definitely favors neutrals in her professional wardrobe with light gray, dark gray, and occasionally black suits/separates. This color story compliments Olivia’s flawless complexion perfectly without looking stuffy or uptight. Even when Olivia is relaxing at home with her usual bottle of red wine, her fabrics are always luxurious (i.e., silk, cashmere, bouclé, etc.) the fit is divine and the accessories are to die for. Below you’ll see a Polyvore creation of a “Olivia at work” look complete with gray dress pants, suede booties, a delicate necklace, and a feminine trench.

White Hot Olivia Pope

When Olivia steps out on the town for more power brokering with the D.C. elite, she is often featured in white or black and white. This Valentino dress is right up her alley with a black lace defined waist and incredible Louboutin black pumps. You also can’t have an amazing Olivia Pope outfit without a statement coat belted at the waste – her signature. This character is one elegant lady even when she’s being pursued by the most powerful man in the world. Is it getting hot in here or is just Fitz and Olivia?


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3 thoughts on “Fashion with Character: Olivia Pope of ‘Scandal’

  1. BreAna Hansen says:

    Reblogged this on A Girl with Glasses and commented:
    As much as I love the Fitz and Olivia affair on ABC’s Scandal, I think the fashion/costuming is almost just as lust worthy. Check out my article on Olivia’s style and how you can recreate it in your own wardrobe.

      • BreAna Hansen says:

        Hey Pamela,

        Thanks for reading! I did a little research but I can’t seem to find a replica of the Escada Black and White Gorinn Gown. I imagine the more attention it gets the sooner a replica will be created but nothing as of yet. However, I will point you in the direction of a cool website I found where you can find discount designer duds called The Outnet – Google it. Maybe you can find something comparable.

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