Game of Thrones: Season 3 Episode 307 ‘The Bear and The Maiden Fair’ Recap

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister in GAME OF THRONES (Image Credit: HBO)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister in GAME OF THRONES (Image Credit: HBO)

Jon Snow and Ygritte are getting to know each other better on the road to the North wall.  He realizes how little education she’s had and he realizes how much tougher she is than him.  Nonetheless, the sexual tension between them runs hot much to the delight of GOT viewers.

Robb Stark and his crew are still trying to work out how they’re going to please Lord Fray so they can become strong allies.  After discussing strategy, Robb and his wife get down to business then the could-be Queen confesses she is pregnant.  The pair is ecstatic, Robb Stark now has a lot to lose and I’m guessing he will lose one of them eventually.

Sansa is upset at the turn of events regarding her marriage, rather than marrying the gay Tyrell she is to wed Tyrion.  Not only is he much older than her, shorter than her, he is a Lannister and that greatly upsets Sansa.  However, the soon to be Queen Margaery is convinced that Tyrion is probably quite skilled in the baby making department.  Sansa doesn’t understand how Margery might know these things because frankly she’s a dumb twat.

As far as Tyrion, he is also upset by the match but Bronn bends his ear in the direction of how wedding Sansa could be sexually beneficial while simultaneously keeping Shae happy as his whore on the side.  Tyrion is clearly intrigued but denies the thoughts as helpful.  When Tyrion visits Shae later that night, he gives her gold chain jewelry that she quickly rejects and chews him out for going along with the marriage to Sansa.  He tries to convince her of his love for her and his impossible situation but she rejects those excuses as well.

King Joffrey and Tywin have a discuss meetings that the hand of the king (Tywin) is having with his advisors without Joffrey’s attendance.  He cries like a little baby about it but Tywin clearly intimidates the bastard and puts him in his place.  They do, however, discuss the potential threat of Khaleesi and her dragons – Tywin is convinced that she is not a threat but Joffrey is not so sure.  Not that his opinion matters to Tywin.

Speaking of Khaleesi, she is working her way towards Westeros and comes across a city housing 200,000 slaves – our dragon mama has now become the Moses of GOT.  She decides it is worth taking the city to its knees if they are able to free their slaves and retain them as soldiers (the real strategy).  The leader of the city offers Khaleesi large amounts of gold and ships to leave the city unharmed but she demands he release his slaves otherwise the dragons will wreak havoc.  He does not take the deal and the mother of dragons allows her children to intimidate the hell out of this guy.  That was a killer scene, by the way.

The red witch takes the Baratheon bastard back to his homeland informing him of his noble blood – Robert Baratheon’s blood.  He had no clue.

Arya is pissed at her brotherhood friends after they gave away the Baratheon bastard, he decides to run off when the brothers all decide to go off and kill Lannister’s.  She is convinced they are lying to her about taking her back to her family, when she takes off into the woods the “dog” catches her.

Back in the north with Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, the sexual tension is building between the two.  Jaime is being taken back to King’s Landing while Brienne is left behind with the gang of men who were ready to rape her back when Jaime had his hand cut off.  Brienne takes it all like a warrior, of course, ready to fight a damn Grizzly bear of all things – but Jaime comes back for her at the last minute once he realizes that they are probably going to torture her if he leaves her behind.  They relationship is so strange but intriguing.

As for the Greyjoy guy, he still being hopelessly tortured by the son of a man he killed.  This time two whores, who are more than curious about his legendary package, seduce him.  Once they get him going the torturer reappears and decides it is time to get rid of his package.  Ouch!  I guess there is going to be a new eunuch in Westeros.

Bran and his motley crew are travelling toward Castle Black to find Jon Snow but the new kids that joined him have changed the plans because of the visions.  When Osha hears that the kids want to head to the North, she demands they go no further than Castle Black.  She explains her fear by telling a story of her lover who once went north and came back one of those cold dead zombie guys.  So, now we know a little more about her story.

Keep watching Game of Thrones on HBO, Sundays @ 9:00pm then check back here for a recap and commentary.  Things are heating up!  I can’t wait for Khaleesi to cross the river into Westeros.  Dragons!!!!!

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