Beauty Review: Barry M Textured Nail Polish

Barry M Textured Nail Varnish (Image Credit: Abigail Brown)

Barry M Textured Nail Varnish (Image Credit: Abigail Brown)

Barry M is one of the most innovative nail varnish brands around at the moment. They are constantly coming up with new and interesting nail varnishes that are like nothing else on the market. Their various styles are what make the brand so popular and the variety of colours/types cater to just about everyone’s tastes. They have Magnetic nail varnish, Gelly Nail paint, foil nail effects, nail art pens in a variety of colours (pink, white, black, silver), instant nail effects, crackle and Chameleon nail paint.

Looking for a nail polish that would be good for festivals? Look no further than Barry M’s Textured Nail Effects! This polish is perfect for the occasion and the grainy/matte formula will give a unique grunge-chic look. The cool finish adds some grit to your nails and the colours go perfectly with all trends.

The Textured Nail Effects Nail Paints are available in four spring/summer shades which will have your nails looking

Barry M Textured Nail Varnish (Image Credit: Abigail Brown)

Barry M Textured Nail Varnish (Image Credit: Abigail Brown)

fantastic. The colours are a pale blue (Atlantic Road), turquoise (Ridley Road), pale pink (Kingsland Road) and a light yellow (Station Road).  Fun fact: The four shades have been named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of South and East London.

The pale colours will go with most outfits. They can brighten up and add colour to a monochrome outfit and the grunge look goes great with the road trip and festival clothing style which is in right now, as well as looking great with light coloured or dark swimsuits, and the current floral, lace, and cut out trends.

Another great thing about Barry M nail varnish is that they do not cost a fortune and so you never have to feel guilty about buying it! Textured Nail Effects Paints costs only £3.99 ($6.11 USD) and is available from SuperdrugBoots, or Barry M.


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