Fashion with Character: Sheldon Cooper of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory is certainly unique. The genius level yet socially inept physicist may wear thin on his friends with his many quirks, but Sheldon is undoubtedly much beloved among fans. His lack of adherence to social norms leads him to have a wardrobe off the beaten path. While he may be high maintenance in other ways, his wardrobe is anything but, as he wears the same type of outfit whether he is at work or taking “his spot” on the couch. Colorful and rather adorkable, Sheldon’s wardrobe is easy and fun to copy, especially for a nerdy girl!

It is clear that Sheldon is quite the fan of graphic tee shirts. He particularly favors shirts that reference DC Comics (sorry, Marvel fans), such as Green Lantern or Flash. To put a girly twist on Sheldon’s look, try wearing graphic tee with a female DC Comics character.

Something that anyone trying to emulate Sheldon should know that he is not fond of matching. He typically layers a long-sleeved tee shirt under his graphic tee, always making sure that the two shirts clash in every way possible. If the tee shirt is red, try a blue shirt underneath. If the tee shirt has a busy pattern, wear a striped shirt underneath. You get the idea.

While he sometimes is known to wear jeans or plaid pants, Sheldon seems to particularly enjoy wearing khaki or brown pants, regardless of what color shirt he is wearing. Again, the man does not have an affinity for matching. Any earth-toned jean or dress pant will help pull off a Sheldon-inspired outfit.

Sheldon wears many different kinds of shoes, from sneakers to dress shoes. The only rule Sheldon follows regarding his choice of shoes is that they must be brown. For a casual look, try brown canvas Vans or Converses.

Sheldon is not one to heavily accessorize, but he does often wear a wristwatch. A Sheldon-like watch should have a medium to large sized face and have a neutral-toned leather band.

The transformation into a female Sheldon is now complete. Looks-wise, that is. Hopefully this outfit does not drive one begin obsessive-compulsively knocking on doors three times in a row!

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