Hot Nail Trends for Summer!

Orange Nails (Image Credit: Iryna Yeroshko)

Orange Nails (Image Credit: Iryna Yeroshko)

Believe it or not, this summer orange is the new pink! From pale orange sherbet to bright tangerine, there is a perfect shade of orange out there for everyone this summer. Even if you aren’t typically a fan of the color, be bold and give it a try. It may surprise you! Orange often looks great with summer bronzed skin and is a fun way to add some flash to your look, but if you just can’t bring yourself to give it a shot or you’re not sure it will work out in the work place, coral is a perfect middleman.

Mint Nails (Image Credit: Katie Brady)

Mint Nails (Image Credit: Katie Brady)

On the opposite end of the brightness spectrum, pale natural colors are also a hot trend for summer. “Bold” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of neutral tones and nudes, but they are a bold choice for summer.  They may not be the first color you tend to grab when prepping for a tropical vacation, but neutrals and nudes are a great way to make a hot fashion statement this season. These colors are both chic and elegant, but if they are a little to subdued for you, you can add a little more color by going with a light lavender, taupe or dusty pink. These colors can still help you achieve the in style pale look, but provide a little more pop.

Mint has been popping up all over Pinterest, and should be popping up on your nails this summer as well. Not quite teal and not quite green, this pastel is the perfect match for any breezy, fun summer afternoon and falls in line with the season’s pale trend.

Decorative accents will also be a big hit this summer! From ombre nails to metallic, dots to patterns, this is the summer to go crazy! Now is the time to try out those crazy nail designs you didn’t think you could ever pull off. Be brave and make your nails stand out this summer!


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