5 Things To Know About FX’s Upcoming Show ‘The Bridge’

Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger in THE BRIDGE (Image Credit: FX Network)

Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger in THE BRIDGE (Image Credit: FX Network)

1. The ads for The Bridge suggest a grungy, stylized and perhaps even surrealist feel a la FX’s other controversial fan-favorite American Horror Story. If the show is indeed anything like these teasers, there’s sure to be high level of creepiness accompanied by a notable sense of dread and intrigue – something every great crime drama should have.

2. It features a great cast, including Inglorious Basterds Diane Kruger and Academy Award-nominated Demián Bichir in the title roles. The excellent and underrated Ted Levine (Silence of the Lambs) is also onboard as what looks to be Kruger’s coworker or boss.

3. The plot follows two detectives, one from the U.S. (Kruger), the other from Mexico (Bichir) as they work together to bring down a ruthless serial killer operating on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border. I’m going to go ahead and say “viewer discretion advised.” Although, that’s not really a surprise coming from the daring network that aired Nip/Tuck and the above-mentioned American Horror Story. Also, expect, as with any intriguing crime drama nowadays, plot twists. C’mon, who doesn’t like plot twists?

4. It’s based loosely on a Scandinavian TV crime drama series of the same name which took place on the bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark. Actually, that show has only one season under its belt, and the renewal of a second season has been announced. So, just how closely can the creators stick to the original series? AMC’s The Killing is another Scandinavian crime drama with a similar story that received an American adaptation.

I’m excited to see how the creators have accommodated the story to the Mexico-American border, a presumably different location and culture than what is seen on these Scandinavian series. The atmosphere hinted in previews for The Bridge also suggests a tone not unlike David Fincher’s Seven. Bring it on.

5. It comes from the creators of Cold Case and the Golden Globe-winning Homeland, so these people know how to operate a crime drama.

Be sure to tune in to this intriguing crime drama on FX when it debuts on July 10 and check out some images and TV spots for the show below.

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