Internet Memes that should get their own movies like Grumpy Cat!

Grumpy Cat (Image Credit: Paul Anderson)

Grumpy Cat (Image Credit: Paul Anderson)

Her iconic pout and stoic expressions have taken the Internet world by storm. Tardar Sauce, otherwise known as “Grumpy Cat,” is one of the most popular Internet memes (pronounced “meem”) in recent history.

The growing fame of this adorable “Grumpy Cat” has landed her on multiple news programs and television spots, but recently she took the plunge deeper into fame by getting offered a movie deal.

With Grumpy Cat getting a movie, there has to be other memes that equally deserve a summer blockbuster. Here are five of the memes that could also top the box office charts:

Bad Luck Brian

This poor boy cannot catch a break. He is constantly trying to do good, and ends up with the worst of all possibilities. After a few years of his bad luck spreading throughout the Internet, a documentary crew would catch wind and would create the true, but terrible, life of a young man with luck that would make a black cat seem lucky to the average moviegoer.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme (Image Credit: )

Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme (Image Credit:

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Those crazy eyes. Overly Attached Girlfriend is a fairly attractive girl, but as you get to know her, her eyes pierce the soul with terror and it was rumored she placed a small little recording device in the sleeve of the last guy she was with. When I think of her movie, I think anything off of the Lifetime Movie Network or even Fatal Attraction. She meets a man, they hit it off and move in together. Little does he know that once they became an item she would begin to let down her walls and show her inner psychopath.

Bad Joke Eel

His jokes are bad, punny even, but his meme always produces a chuckle. While some of his jokes may fall flat, anything is better with Pixar. I see this being a movie about a one-man band eel, trying to make it in the underground comedy scene of his local reef. It would have all the typical things that make a Pixar movie amazing, including the wonderfully bad jokes known to the meme.

Joseph Ducreux Memes (Image Credit:

Joseph Ducreux Memes (Image Credit:

Joseph Ducreux

“Cease all acts thou art engaged in. The time of hammer is upon us.” Oh, Ducreux. His ability to take simple, well-known lyrics and transform them into proper 1800’s English is a talent unsurpassed by any man. The quote above, his rendition of “Stop! Hammer time,” baffled intelligence agencies and it resulted him in a job in the White House. Once an outcast, this humble man takes on the job of encrypting the nations biggest secrets and getting the military the information during the war.

Baby Godfather

The adorable baby in a suit, pointing his finger to the ground with a stern expression. This is the start of a beautiful movie. If Godfather and Rugrats had a baby, this would be the product. The movie would be set in the 1920s around the gangster era, and the children of top gangsters spend their time practicing what their parents taught them: how to be tough, stern ring-leaders in the early mafia scene. Baby Godfather and his crew are always trying to help the citizens of the local daycares, but if your debt isn’t paid to the Baby Godfather by his deadline, it looks like no naptime for you.

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