The Best Waterproof Makeup

Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara (Image Credit: Urban Decay) / Scandaleyes Eye Liner (Image Credit: Rimmel) / Infallible Eye Shadow (Image Credit: L'Oreal) / SuperStay24 Lipstick (Image Credit: Maybelline)

Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara (Image Credit: Urban Decay) / Scandaleyes Eye Liner (Image Credit: Rimmel) / Infallible Eye Shadow (Image Credit: L’Oreal) / SuperStay24 Lipstick (Image Credit: Maybelline)

Buying waterproof makeup just isn’t a foolproof activity.  Summer is a season that demands a whole new cosmetic lineup, as if our makeup cases aren’t full enough from wintertime moisturizer and springtime pastels.  A huge problem with waterproof makeup is that although it withstands the force of H2O, it can lack quality in other respects.  Just because your makeup stays on doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks appealing.  Well….that’s about to change.

Here’s a list of the best eye, lip, and face products for every pool party you hit or sun-shower you involuntarily attend.  The days of sacrificing a flawless face for long lasting makeup is long gone, thanks to a recent and miraculous cosmetic evolution.


You’ve lusted after their Naked eye shadow palettes, and now they’re taking over your lashes.  According to Real SimpleUrban Decay’s Cannonball boasts hours of volume without the inevitable wipe-of-shame that comes with runny mascara. Sometimes its best to skip the drugstore brands and splurge a bit for quality waterproof makeup like this bad boy, which comes in at around $20.  Cannonball was created for all of your swimming and sweating needs, so take advantage of it!


Redbook suggests SuperStay24 lipstick by Maybelline for a glossier waterproof look that will last six hours at the very least, according to their trial run guinea pig.  If you prefer matte lips with a pop of color, stains are always the way to go.  Keep in mind that most lip stains have drying tendencies, so be sure to moisturize regularly with some good ol’ Chapstick or Burt’s Bees.  You can’t go wrong with a combination of the two for your summertime pout.

Eye Shadow

Color your lids with L’Oreal’s Infallible Eye Shadow for a look that won’t crease even in the most humid weather.  One swipe of this shadow gives you enough color to last throughout the work day, happy hour, and beyond!  It’s perfect for when you’re rushing around on that haziest of days…because worrying about your waning eye shadow should be the last thing on your mind.  While Infallible Eye Shadow doesn’t fade easily, it’s not invincible! Be sure to check up on it every so often, especially if you may have rubbed your eyes after severe sweat or water exposure.  It will be worth it when you avoid a Bozo The Clown-looking mishap.


Rimmel has your waterproof eyeliner on lock with ScandalEyes.  The gel formula sticks to your lash line much more efficiently than a pencil or liquid eyeliner would – pencils fade easily while liquids tend to run when subjected to moisture.  However, the gel can be a bit aesthetically overwhelming compared to the other two consistencies, so don’t overdo it during the initial application.  ScandalEyes can withstand both beach waves and sweaty night clubs, so be sure to have it on hand at all times.


BB Cream is everything right now…not to mention the likes of CC Cream and DD Cream.  As far as we’re concerned, BB Cream still holds the #1 spot in terms of multitasking makeup, including the ability to hold up against water and sweat exposure.  Come summertime, all you really need in terms of coverage, moisturizer, and SPF is Garnier BB Cream.  Garnier is preferable to other brands not just because of the company’s reputation for a non-harsh product but also because you tend to get more for your money (Garnier BB Cream tubes are larger than, but similarly priced to others like Maybelline or CoverGirl).  One layer of this stuff can take you from your morning workout to an afternoon pool party without much fading or running.

It’s easy to become frustrated by the waves and rays that typically shoo away makeup; mother nature’s hot flashes can really be discouraging!  Don’t immediately breeze past the waterproof cosmetic category – yes, a lot of it is part of an elaborate makeup scam, but certain items like the ones listed above can literally change your summer.

And a final wise word: always choose makeup that contains SPF!  Protecting your face from H20 and UV is ideal!


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