Fashion with Character: Charlotte “Chuck” Charles of “Pushing Daises”

Anna Friel as Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles in PUSHING DAISIES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Anna Friel as Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles in PUSHING DAISIES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

For this edition of Fashion with Character, I am putting the spotlight on Charlotte “Chuck” Charles from Pushing Daisies. I take every chance I get to refer to this wonderful series that was cancelled way too soon. One of the aspects of the series that makes me love it so much is its eye for detail combined with a nostalgic aesthetic. The outfits that the characters sport fit this aesthetic perfectly.

When Ned (the piemaker) brings back to life his childhood sweetheart, his own life suddenly becomes way more interesting, yet complicated at the same time. Ned’s ability to bring living creatures back from the dead with a single touch requires him never to touch this creature again (or else it will immediately turn back to its original stiff state). You can imagine how that can become problematic when you are in love with one of these creatures. Ned and Chuck are never to touch, yet long for nothing more than to feel each other’s embrace. Yes, the hopeless romantic in me finds this a very interesting thing to watch. Pushing Daisies is filled with numerous yearning looks and creative ways for our heroes to feel each other’s touch. Romantic (and morbid) plotlines ask for romantic outfits. Luckily the creators of the show understood this and tried their very best to dress Chuck accordingly. The quirky, bee loving Chuck has an amazing wardrobe. Looking at her outfits makes me as happy as the people who have been eating her homeopathic happypie.

Chuck at the beach

How does one dress like Charlotte Charles? Just imagine life is a picnic or a day at the beach. Some key features of her wardrobe are cheerful colors, retro cuts, sweet-as-sugar accessories and above all originality. Always slightly overdressed, but never ridiculous.

Charlotte Charles is alive


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