Celebrity (Girl) Crush: Emma Stone

Emma Stone on NBC's TODAY (Image Peter Kramer / NBC)

Emma Stone on NBC’s TODAY (Image Peter Kramer / NBC)

There are some celebrities you admire for their talent. There are some celebrities that you love for their looks. And then there are some celebrities that you just really want to befriend. Emma Stone falls into the third category.

My friends and I have varying opinions on the world of pop culture, but Emma Stone is someone we can all agree that we love. In fact, everyone seems to love Emma Stone. Guys love that she’s quirky-cute (and Spidey’s girlfriend.) Girls love that she’s down to earth.  Parents love the “be yourself” message she sends to fans. Tumblr loves her very GIF-able expressions (and the “People Tumblr Love” list is mostly limited to British guys, so that’s pretty cool, right?) Emma Stone is, put simply, all kinds of awesome. Being so awesome makes one worthy of being a girl crush. For those wondering, a girl crush is, “when a girl admires another girl. It means you want to be the person you have a girl crush on, or simply you just want to be their best friend. You pretty much just think they’re awesome.” Thank you, Urban Dictionary.

What makes Emma Stone particularly awesome, you ask? First of all, she has quite a gift for Ellen’s Dance Dare, a challenge most are too embarrassed to try, and those who do try often fail pretty hard. I don’t know about you, but I think having a friend who could secretly dance behind your back in a ridiculous fashion would be pretty rad.

Another thing that makes Emma Stone awesome is that she is among the few actresses that represent the pale girl population. As a fellow pale girl who always sees spray-tanned stars on the silver screen, I appreciate Emma’s natural look. Of course, it is rather absurd that she manages to look equally as good with both blonde and red hair considering her fair skin tone, but this is about why she’s awesome, not why she’s enviable!

Emma Stone seems to exclusively play, well, awesome characters. Awesome, intelligent characters, that is. The kind that make good role models regardless of a viewer’s age. She plays a superhero’s girlfriend in The Amazing Spiderman, but she’s top-of-her-class instead of a damsel in distress. She was a leading lady in the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love., but was a sassy and hard-to-get law student instead of a silly single-girl stereotype. And finally, in one of her first starring roles, she opted for a strong character over a glamorous one by playing Skeeter Phelan, the brave and witty budding journalist of The Help. Her tendency to divert from the norm in the characters she plays is a breath of fresh air.

Put simply, Emma Stone is one cool chick. She does things like show paparazzi information for charities she supports rather than flipping them off. She’s consistently a hilarious talk show guest, but has as also been known to make heartfelt acceptance speeches a time or two. She’s relatable, but still has the star quality that will continue to make her career a stellar and diverse one. She is the most girl-crush worthy starlet I know (or rather, I would like to know!).

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