Which Hair Smoothing Products work best?

Hair Smoothing Products (Image Credit Abigail Brown)

Hair Smoothing Products (Image Credit Abigail Brown)

There are so many hair care products nowadays that it is hard to know which ones work wonders and which ones work not so much. Most hair care brands have a variety of smoothing products to use on your hair after washing it, such as Argan oil, heat protecting sprays and split remedies, but what’s true and what’s pure fiction? I tried out five different after wash hair smoothing products to see what left my hair looking like an advertisement for Pantene and which ones left me feeling like foolish for falling for the advertisement.

Phil Smith’s Total Treat Argan Oil is simply amazing! It leaves your hair feeling silky, soft and it also smells incredibly nice. The product is meant to heal dry, damaged hair and restore smoothness. The texture of my hair felt amazing after using the Argan Oil and it certainly deserves praising as it does exactly what it is meant to (and what the label says!). Phil Smith’s Argan Oil is definitely a five star product.

Another Argan Oil I tried was Avon’s Moroccan Argan Oil. I have to be honest, it is a little bit disappointing in comparison to Phil Smith’s. Whilst Phil Smith’s Argan Oil is a cream, Avon’s is more of an oily and greasy product. I was disappointed with the feel and texture of my hair after I had dried it. My hair did not feel smooth or silky, but rather sticky in a way. I give it three stars.

On a much better note, L’OREAL Paris’ Heat Protecting Styling Spray is another fantastic hair care product. It leaves you hair feeling shiny and soft, and helps with frizzy hair. If you dry your hair straight, it will actually remain that way for a couple of days. If you use a lot of heat on your hair, especially if you straighten or curl a lot, this is the perfect hair care product for you. It protects against heat and tries to prevent your hair from getting damaged. I give it five stars as it  does exactly what you want it promises to do.

The only other spray I tried was Umberto Giannini Frizz Free Hair Extreme Taming Spray and it was my least favourite out of the five after wash hair care products I tried. It left the texture of my hair sticky and a little bit rough. The label says it’s meant to smoothen your hair, but for me it just did not work. I give it one star.

Last but not least is another five star product, TRESemme Split Remedy, which is very good! The product is designed to mend and protect hair, which in my opinion it does perfectly. It is a nice cream that leaves you hair feeling soft and shiny. My hair really feels better since I started using it.

The three hair care smoothing products which stood out for me were Phil Smith’s, L’OREAL Paris’ and TRESemme’s. I would definitely buy them again and the hair smoothing results were great. However, Avon and Umberto Giannini products are not for me and were rather disappointing.


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