The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward of Celebrity Encounters

Matt Smith (Image Credit: Microsoft Imagine Cup)

Matt Smith (Image Credit: Microsoft Imagine Cup)

In a celebrity-obsessed society, meeting one’s idol is a dream for many. When celebrities interact with their fans, the result can range anywhere from disastrous to downright adorable. Let’s start off discussing the not-so-great encounters and save the best for last, shall we?

This past February, fan-friendly teen star Selena Gomez came under fire for being a bit too friendly with fans. When crowded by paparazzi, the starlet allowed fans asking for an autograph to jump into her car with her, whisking them away from the cameras. While the act was certainly well intentioned, it was a risky move to say the least.

Not all bad celebrity encounters are dangerous, of course. Some interactions are just a bit awkward. The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun described a strange, but hilarious, incident he had when a fan spotted him from afar.

It’s true that not all meetings with celebrities pan out well. Luckily, it seems as though the good outweighs the bad when it comes to celebrity encounters. There are plenty of famous individuals who try to make their fans’ experience with them a positive one.

Johnny Depp is so kind to his fans that this article could easily be dedicated solely to him.  Though he’s one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, he has been known to happily spend long periods of time signing autographs, taking photos and chatting with fans. One of the most notable encounters the actor had with a fan occurred back in 2010, when he stopped by a London school in full Captain Jack Sparrow garb to answer a young girl’s request for help staging a mutiny against her teachers.

In his time playing the Doctor in Doctor Who, Matt Smith has gained a reputation of being warm and friendly with fans, particularly children. While he’s had many sweet encounters with fans, his very Doctor-like response to a young fan’s question at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con takes the cake.

While celebrities making children’s eyes light up is adorable, adults also need some magic from time to time. While he may not be celebrity in the traditional sense, he is probably more famous than all of the other celebrities in this article put together. Peter Pan’s conversation with a Disney visitor is a celebrity encounter that could make anyone a believer.

Depending on the fan and the celebrity involved, interactions between the two parties can go in many different directions. While not all celebrities have the best interactions with fans, celebrities who do use their power to brighten a fan’s day are certainly bringing a smile to one’s face.

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