Quirky Item of the Week: Diamond Candles

Watermelon Wedge Candle by Diamond Candles (http://www.diamondcandles.com)

Watermelon Wedge Candle by Diamond Candles (http://www.diamondcandles.com)

A man goes out for the perfect anniversary gift for his wife, and as he walks through the aisles he finds a candle. He knows his wife loves candles. He also bought her a ring at the previous store, because nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful new ring after years of marriage. And that’s when it happened. This man came up with one of the coolest, most ingenious products on the market: Diamond Candles.

These fun little candles come in a wide variety of scents for any occasion, and inside each candle is a ring valued from $10 USD to $5,000 USD. Better yet, these candles are priced at only $24.95 USD, so they don’t break the bank. They are also made with soy wax, which makes them earth friendly and much safer than typical candles.

My Diamond Candles Ring (Image Credit: Chelsie Gastright)

My Diamond Candles Ring (Image Credit: Chelsie Gastright)

I recently received a Diamond Candle as a late 6-year anniversary gift from my fiancé, and I was so excited. Submerged in my watermelon scented candle sat a gold foil wrapped ring just taunting me, so I immediately lit it and waited. The total amount of burn time to easily remove the ring was about six to eight hours, maybe a little more.

Once the foil was showing, I removed the tiny package from the wax and unveiled my silver plated claddagh ring. I would guess this ring isn’t valued at more than $20, but it fits my finger and it’s a great conversation piece. Besides, the “prize at the bottom of the cereal box” feel makes burning a candle that much more exciting.

So ladies, if you are looking for a fun exciting gift for yourself or think your special someone needs a little push in the right direction, remember Diamond Candles. It’s a two-in-one gift that’s easy on the wallet, oh and they smell great too.


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