DIY Coffee Bean Candles by The Happy Housewife

DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)
DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)

Wondering what you should do with those expired coffee beans? We’ve all got coffee stashed away, behind the aging mac ‘n cheese, gradually filling up our cabinets. It’s terrible. As a former barista myself, I know how coffee can accumulate. Perhaps you haven’t opened it because you don’t drink decaf. Now it’s several years expired, you can’t bring yourself to drink it, but you can’t bring yourself to toss it (in case one day you’re really desperate). Well I’ve got the perfect way for you to clear your coffee clutter: quick and easy DIY Coffee Bean Candles, from the The Happy Housewife

All you need is a container—something cute—a mason jar, an old teacup, even a bowl ( Go browse at Savers or Goodwill, and just pick out a couple cups. Just keep in mind, the bigger the vessel, the more beans you’re going to need.), a tea-light candle, and your creativity.  It’s really that inexpensive and incredibly adorable. It would make the perfect party gift to give away at, say, a wedding, if you want to buy in bulk. All you do is light the candle and ignite the luscious scent of fresh espresso. If there’s anything that’s better than the splendid taste of coffee, it’s the smell.

The best part is, you can get fancy with it, buy some scented candles—try vanilla, coconut or butterscotch, just get creative. Give them out to friends and family during the holidays. Just top them off with a nice ribbon and ta-dah, you’re good to go. If you decide to do a bowl, just go ahead and throw about three tea lights in there, and voila, you’ve got a gorgeous, aromatic centerpiece. Don’t let that coffee go to waste! For the Full DIY, visit The Happy Housewife.

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One thought on “DIY Coffee Bean Candles by The Happy Housewife

  1. Very cool. I’m sitting right by about 1.5 lbs that was supposed to go out as samplers a while back but never made the trip! Now my candle-crazy wife can have some fun with them… while I go brew a pot of fresh coffee.
    Thanks for the tip.

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