Grace Helbig (Image Credit: Grace Helbig/Daily Grace)

Youtube: A Beginner’s Guide to Quality Online Entertainment

Grace Helbig (Image Credit: Grace Helbig/Daily Grace)

Grace Helbig (Image Credit: Grace Helbig/Daily Grace)

Kevin Spacey was a keynote speaker at the Edinburgh International Television Festival last Thursday and he had a very interesting message about how content delivery is changing. Spacey has a specific perspective on this, having successfully brought House of Cards to Netflix and having them produce two seasons of the exclusively streaming hit. An international festival that is supposed to celebrate TV may seem like an unusual place to bring up such facts, but he’s right.

Spacey’s main point was that audiences want control, whether that be the ability to stream an entire season of a show at once or to get it wherever they want it. Audiences want stories and if you give them to us the way we want them, we will consume them.

It’s appropriate that I found out about this speech from a SourceFed video by @ElliottCMorgan, since most of my entertainment now comes from YouTube and Netflix. There’s a whole world and just about any type of video entertainment you could want on YouTube. In case you’re not familiar with it, I thought I’d share some of my favorite channels to give you a small glimpse of what you can find!

The Vlogbrothers

If you’ve been around The Daily Quirk for very long, you’ve probably heard something about John Green, Young Adult fiction author. The Vlogbrothers is what he and his brother started 6 ½ years ago and has grown into a huge YouTube/online community. It’s difficult to sum them up in a short blurb, but their community is made up of people (like me) who call themselves Nerdfighters and this is probably the best intro video to try to understand what they’re about.

Grace Helbig

Comedy is big on YouTube. While it’s hard to say that I have a favorite funny lady, I’m going to just put Grace here because she’s going to tell you about many of the others anyway. I also promise to write a post dedicated just to the funny ladies of YouTube and cover them properly there!

The following video is how I got hooked on One Direction (and you will find no shame in me saying that) and was the first time I had seen her Taylor Swift impression. If this doesn’t make you love her, I don’t know what will.

Oh, and her current videos are a daily vlog of her on the set of the movie she’s shooting with Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (no relation), so her don’t just go to her most recent videos to get a good view of what she does.

SourceFed/Phil Defranco

I already mentioned SourceFed briefly above, it’s my daily stop for what some people like to call, “infotainment.” As the brainchild of Phil Defranco, SourceFed delivers daily news stories, but they do so with fun and merriment that is best described by just watching Joe Bereta and Lee Newton do their thing while discussing a girl who stole her bike back from the thief who stole it from her!

There’s magic that happens in each of the pairings, and then when some of the hosts go solo for a video it can be fantastic as well. While they get some flack for being infotainment rather than full on news, I think it’s a great way to hear a bit about a story that I can then look into more if it catches me.

Phil Defranco has been doing a daily show about “newsy type stuff and things” that matter to him that day. Because those videos are pretty topical, I’ll let you just click through to his channel.


There are so many fantastic musicians on YouTube and it would simply be ridiculous for me to even attempt to post one as being some sort of representation of what is there. Instead I’ll leave you with my favorite Songify the News song from the same people you may have heard songify the Double Rainbow guy.

I don’t want to brag, but I have totally ridden in an elevator with these guys at VidCon 2011.

I obviously couldn’t come anywhere near covering everything noteworthy on YouTube, if you’re a regular watcher, what would you put on this list? Leave a comment and I may include it in future coverage of specific genres!

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