Your 5-episode ‘Supernatural’ Season 8 recap!

Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, and Osric Chau as Kevin in SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: Ed Araqurl / © 2012 THE CW Network LLC. All Rights Reserved)
Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, and Osric Chau as Kevin in SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: Ed Araqurl / © 2012 THE CW Network LLC. All Rights Reserved)

With the Season 9 premiere of Supernatural right around the corner, many fans are scrambling to refresh their memories when it comes to just what went down with the Winchester brothers and their trusty angel sidekick last season. Okay, so maybe most fans aren’t too concerned about a refresher (because let’s be honest, most of us have watched, rewatched, gif-ed and screen-capped the hell out of last season) but for those of us who might not have that same level of dedication (obsession), there’s a quick fix!

It’s possible to catch up on all of the Season 8 shenanigans in just five episodes. Unbelievable, right? Believe it!

We Need to Talk About Kevin (8×01)

What better place to start than from the beginning? Not only does this episode introduce the idea of closing the gates to Hell thanks to our resident boy wonder Kevin, but it also gives viewers a brief glimpse into the year Sam and Dean spent apart. And who could forget the first appearance of that Cajun cutie with a bite, Benny? This episode is the perfect 101 course to the Season 8 storyline, and you won’t want to miss out.

Torn and Frayed (8×10)

Time to jump ahead in the Supernatural universe and meet up with Cas, out of Purgatory but not out of trouble. This episode gives viewers the first glimpse into just how far Naomi, the angel-equivalent of a crooked politician, has wormed her way into Castiel’s mind when she sends him on a “heavenly mission” to save Alfie. Crowley also gets his hand on a piece of information that propels the season arc into even darker depths of “What the hell?” (aptly demonstrated by a hilarious zoom into Mark Sheppard’s face.)

Trial and Error (8×14)

The time for the first trial has arrived, and it comes in the form of ganking a hellhound, and where better to do that than a horse ranch owned by a family even more dysfunctional than the Winchesters own. The episode has laughs, a little bit of love, a lot of hate and the beginning of a journey that Sam won’t be able to turn back from.

The Great Escapist (8×21)

Kevin has mysteriously vanished, the Winchesters are left in the dark when it comes to the third trial and Castiel has (figuratively) flown into the wind. So where does that leave the brothers? On their way to a Colorado casino in search of Metatron. This is the episode where viewers find out just what Sam has to do to close Hell’s gates, and it’s no simple task. There are plenty of heart-wrenching Sam moments (the kind that Jared Padalecki perfects) in the episode, and it’s an essential stop in the Season 8 recap.

Sacrifice (8×23)

It’s the end. The brothers are ready to take on the third trial, Castiel is in the heart of completing the trials necessary to shut down Heaven with Metatron, Naomi and her goon squad are hot on their heels and Sam’s health is getting worse by the minute. The Season 8 finale of Supernatural doesn’t disappoint with the twist endings and cliffhangers that the show is known for, and it’s the must-end place for your recap. Consider saving it for the night before the premiere, so it’s all still right at the surface.

Keep in mind, watching these episodes will give you the main arc of Season 8, but they won’t deliver all of the funny, charming, ass-kicking moments that the season had to offer. There are plenty of options that didn’t make this list, so leave a comment below with the episodes that you think should have made the cut.

Supernatural premieres Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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