Netflix (Image Credit: Mike Petrucci)

An Open Letter to Netflix

Netflix (Image Credit: Mike Petrucci)

Netflix (Image Credit: Mike Petrucci)

Dear Netflix,

For the first few months of my subscription to you, I didn’t like you. You were a thoughtful gift from my parents, meant to fill the void left by a defunct local movie rental store and a downgraded cable package. When I first received you, I looked through your catalog of movies and felt disappointment. You offered plenty of good older films, but had a serious shortage of recent movies.

What you lacked in current films you made up for in your massive array of television shows. Pfft, I thought. Though I had been on enjoyable series binges before, I hadn’t the motivation to invest time in yet another show. I closed the Netflix page on my browser and went about my day. For months, not only did I not touch you, but I barely even thought of you (which was an awful waste of money, I know). And every time I did think about you, I thought about how I should probably just cancel the subscription. It was a relationship that I felt was destined to fail. Straight out of a romantic comedy, though, on one fateful day, my feelings for you did a 180, and I fell hard for you.

Netflix, I can’t give you all the credit for putting me under your spell. We both have BBC America to thank for that. For had I not come across and immediately fallen in love with Doctor Who last year, I would still to this day have no use for you.

But I did fall in love with Doctor Who. After randomly catching an episode on television, I was desperate for more. I searched the channel guide to find out when the show would be playing again, and to my dismay, the next scheduled reruns were all wibbly-wobbly and out of order. I felt defeated. I was ready to give my heart to a new show, but I didn’t know how to do so. And then, I remembered – you basically showcase every television show that has ever been created, so surely you offered Doctor Who. For the first time in a long time, I logged into my Netflix account (after trying a few wrong passwords first) and very happily embarked on my journey to become a Whovian. Netflix, you went from being something I thought would be totally useless into something that ruined changed my life.

After spending so much time with you, I have indeed grown to love you, even with your strange assortment of movies. You’re still not the best at keeping up-to-date with current releases, but I can tell you’re trying. Our relationship started off rocky, but honestly, now I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you for feeding my obsession, Netflix. I will always love you for it.


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