Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

5 Rules for Rocking Statement Jewelry

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Statement jewelry is in, there is no question about that. These pieces are fun, dramatic and eye catching, but can be hard to know how to wear. Below we give you 5 general rules to follow when you want to rock a statement piece.

One is enough

Statement jewelry is meant to make a statement. Don’t overwhelm your outfit with multiple pieces; one is enough to grab attention. Piling on too many statement pieces makes you look too overdone, slightly confused and a tad cheap. Stick to one awesome piece and make that the show stopper- otherwise it’s like having multiple prima donnas and that is never a good thing.

Matchy matchy can work… sometimes

There is a fine line when it comes to matching statement jewelry with your outfit. Too much matching can make you look like your outfit was a Barbie clothing pack, but too much mismatching might look like you got dressed in the closet. Rule of thumb: feel free to match colors, but stay away from matching patterns or prints. For instance, try to stay away from floral pieces if you’re wearing a floral dress.

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Simple outfits make a statement necklace pop

The best way to show off a great statement piece is to pair it with a simple outfit. Let your jewelry showoff in all its glittery glory by pairing it with simple cuts, neutral colors or medium washed jeans. Wear three quarter sleeves with bracelets, swoop or v-necks with necklaces and minimal polish with rings.

Statement necklaces need simple necklines

As stated above, simple works best for statement pieces. When it comes to necklaces, this is very important. Details like lace, trim, crazy cutouts and elaborate necks clash with statement necklaces. Keep necklines simple, although one way this rule doesn’t apply is with turtle necks; those look fantastic with a statment necklace layered over them!

Dress up any outfit with a statement piece

Statement jewelry can dress up any outfit. Want to be comfy in jeans but still look put together? Throw on a piece of statement jewelry and you will automatically look more dressed up. A simple v-neck shirt can be brought to the next level with a nice necklace. Roll up the sleeves of a simple sweater and add a bracelet or ring to make it look snazzy.


Images courtesy of Barbro Andersen

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