High-Waisted (Image Credit: Maria Morri)

An Open Letter to ‘High-Waisted’ Trend Lovers

High-Waisted (Image Credit: Maria Morri)

High-Waisted (Image Credit: Maria Morri)

Dear “high-waisted trend” lovers,

As a fellow wearer of this fad, I understand the need to buy clothing that starts at the upper waist; I understand the need, the appeal and I understand you.

There are a variety of reasons as to why this trend has, indeed, become a trend. Perhaps it’s because the fashion styles of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s are considered “cool” and “retro”. Maybe it’s because you find clothing to be much more comfortable that way. It even may just be because that flared out high-waisted skirt hides your belly or those tall pants prevent you from getting that oh-so-flattering “muffin-top.” Regardless of your reasons for those lengthy bottoms, it’s still very possible to out-waist yourself. There comes a time when high-waisted is just too high-waisted and a time where sometimes your daily wardrobe just needs a bit of a change.

A great resource for finding these retro styles are places like thrift stores and vintage shops. The great thing about the high-waisted trend is that it’s very flattering for those who have big hips because it highlights the smallest part on your body. But you want to be careful how high up those pants or skirts may go. Don’t be remembered as the girl who wears her pants up to her chest. Either those pants should end at the waist or your relationship with those pants should never start. If you start wearing bottoms that begin too close to your top, you are giving your friends opportunities to compare your fashion sense with that of their grandfathers. Use this trend to show off the curves, not shame them.

I know this style seems to be all the rage but that doesn’t mean your closet should be raging with it. For one thing, I personally don’t think that wearing pants up to my waist everyday is very comfortable at all. When I sit down, I feel like there’s all this fabric preventing me from even breathing properly. Now, don’t lie! You find it uncomfortable too! Sometimes you just need to change up your wardrobe, take a walk down memory lane and take out your old worn out hip-hugging jeans that are just perfect for lounging in. It’s okay to stray from the up-scaled retro fashion of the high-waisted trend. Even more so, there are some tops that just look pretty awkward tucked in. I think we’ve all been in the situation were a certain buttoned top or blouse doesn’t quite hang nicely and makes us look like we have some oddly large fabric belly.

To conclude my advice to fellow high-waisted trend lovers, be smart with your fabrics and don’t overdo it. Watch the length, watch the height and make sure those skirts and pants aren’t too tight! (Sometimes, I think a rhyme helps).




Image courtesy of Maria Morri

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