Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images) / The Sandman (Image Credit: Vertigo)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Bring ‘Sandman’ Out of the Dust and Onto the Screen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images) / The Sandman (Image Credit: Vertigo)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images) / The Sandman (Image Credit: Vertigo)

Another DC and Vertigo Comics piece is being adapted for the big screen and this time it’s being produced, starred in and maybe even directed by cinematic heartthrob, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The chosen comic for this book-to-movie conversion is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. For those not very familiar with this character, I’ll supply you with a short summary.

Sandman focuses on a character named Dream, otherwise known as Lord of Dreams, the Shaper, the Shaper of Form, Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming and various other titles. Apparently, one name for this guy just isn’t enough. To keep it simple, Dream is basically the human form of dreams. Sandman is spread out through a series of issues but starts out with our protagonist being captured and held prisoner for 70 years. He then escapes into modern day, gets revenge on his captors and after, sets out to rebuild his kingdom which hasn’t really been “thriving” in his absence. In fact, it’s become downright depressing over there.

Sounds like your average fallen-king-turned-hero kind of story, doesn’t it? But what makes this comic stand out is the lead character being the personification of dreams. Dreams are already thought of as a fascinating and mysterious subject so it’s my guess that this character is too.

Clearly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt feels the same way. Even amongst all other well-known comic book heroes, he plans to turn Dream into a visual reality by working with screenwriter and director David Goyer and Warner Bros. studios.

It seems that what he found most appealing about the comic was the whole concept of personifying the dream and giving it a human form. Furthermore, Dream or Morpheus, as Gordon-Levitt refers to him, has several siblings that each represents a personified concept like dreams such as Desire, Death and Destruction. I must admit that seeing these character portrayals on the big screen would undoubtedly be visually stimulating. The illustrations and the art of Sandman are already thought to be pretty incredible. Perhaps, it was just meant to be a cinematic masterpiece all along?
With his recent release of Don Jon, starring in and directing his own film is a familiar undertaking for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The question is, will he be able to create the cinematic epic this sci-fi/fantasy comic deserves to be? What do you think?

Although he warns that these plans are still in the early stage, it sounds like Joseph Gordon-Levitt has some ideas for a Sandman film that are just dreamy.


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