Whiskey Stones (Image Credit: Teraforma)

Quirky Item of the Week: Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones (Image Credit: Teroforma)

Whiskey Stones (Image Credit: Teroforma)

Andrew Hellman’s love of scotch made him search for a way to keep his drink cold without diluting it and… Voila! Whiskey Stones were born. Carved from natural Vermont soapstone, Whiskey Stones maintain a stable temperature over extended periods of time. They’re actually derived from an old Scandinavian tradition of using rocks to chill drinks in storage.

Keep the Whiskey Stones in the freezer for a couple of hours and then pop some into your glass and let them sit for five minutes and presto, you have your drink perfectly chilled. What’s great about soapstone is that it is also extremely soft so you’ll have no worries about scratching your glass. Ideal for you whiskey lovers, Whiskey Stones stabilize your drink temperature at 50 degrees whereas a handful of ice will drop the drink to under 40 degrees, a temperature that is too cold for a good glass of whiskey.

The reason why whiskey is so sensitive to temperature has to do with the wood oils that have soaked into the whiskey from the cask it was aged in. The wood oils are essentially the flavor of the drink, flavor that is lost when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. The oils congeal and ruin that coveted whiskey flavor. Whiskey Stones were designed specifically so that you can chill your drink while retaining its woody essence. What’s even better is that, after use, you can rinse, dry, and repeat!

Can you use Whiskey Stones in other drinks? Absolutely! However, it’s good to note that these were made to chill glasses containing 2-3 oz of liquid, so three Whiskey Stones would be most effective chilling about a shot of your drink. And don’t bother putting Whiskey Stones in your every day household products like water, juice, or detergents. The stones won’t work on these, so you’ll have to find other ways to keep your OJ cold.

I think Whiskey Stones are particularly great for gatherings or parties for when people just want to mingle and mill around in the crowd without worrying about letting your drink sit. There is nothing worse than the taste of a drink that has gone watery and warm. Whiskey Stones are crazy useful for these times with friends and family or just any time you crave a drink on the rocks… literally!

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