Quirky Item of the Week: Pillow Talk (Long Distance Relationship Pillows)

Pillow Talk (Image Credit: Little Riot)
Pillow Talk (Image Credit: Little Riot)

You are stressed out and lonely, and the only contact you have with your significant other is through Skype or phone calls. You just want a hug, but hugging your phone or your computer screen just won’t do it! Long-distance relationships can be nightmares! But Pillow Talk, a product by Little Riot, will have you dreaming peacefully.

Forget body pillows, Pillow Talk connects you with your significant other on a more comforting, human level. The users wear wristbands that detect their hear rates, which are connected to an app on Androids and iPhones. The phone can then be connected to the pillow, where the user can hear their significant other’s heartbeat.

This is a new innovative way of bringing loved ones together! The comfort in hearing your significant other’s heart beat will warm your own heart as soon as you lie your head down on your pillow! It’s almost as if your significant other is right there with you!



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Paige always has E! News playing on her television while she simultaneously flips through the latest issue of Vogue. She is a sophomore at Emerson College majoring in Journalism.

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