A Little Black Dress for Every Style & Budget!

An LBD for Every Style & Budget

Every closet is home to certain fashion essentials. Assorted colored t-shirts, jeans, white button down, black pants…you know the staples. Yet there is one item that is Queen of Essentials: Little Black Dress, I’m talking to you. The LBD made its first appearance in the 1920’s and has proved to be a trend with astonishing staying power. It does not simply adorn the bodies of fashion icons, but has itself become a fashion icon. Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of the style and no image of Audrey Hepburn is more famous than of her in her Breakfast at Tiffany’s getup. As the decades pass, women still flock to the classic piece. Almost every awards show you can expect to see a starlet in a black gown that takes your breath away (will we ever get over the one Angelina was wearing at the time of the infamous leg pose?). The beautiful thing about the LBD is it’s for everyone- not just for celebrities or models or fashion designers. It’s a piece that ages gracefully, is extremely accommodating to the latest trends and is an instant way to make every girl feel a little sexy.

You might be thinking a black dress is a black dress is a black dress. Shame on you! There’s a whole sea of black dresses out there. Just like there’s the right person for everybody, there’s the right black dress for every girl (or, if you’re a dress addict like me, the right occasion). Today’s black dresses range from simple cuts to drastic cut outs, sparkly to matte finishes and tight to flowy. If you don’t have a LBD, the time has come to invest. If you do have one, let’s find it a new friend. Here are black dresses for every style and budget- I dare you to not find one you love!

$20 & Under

LBD's Under $20

$50 & Under

LBD's Under $50

$75 & Under

LBD's Under $75

$100 & Under

LBD's Under $100

$200 & Under

LBD's Under $200

I love dresses. Long dresses, short dresses, mullet dress, strapless, sparkly, flowery, stripped, polka dotted- you name it and I’ll like it. Out of all of the dresses I’ve bought over the years, there’s still one dress that beats out all the rest and it’s a very simple LBD. That dress and I, we’ve shared some pretty great memories. We’ve gone to weddings together, on dates together and kissed strangers in the rain together. If there are any relatively magical moments in my life, I can almost guarantee you that dress played a role in some way. Do I believe that dress is my lucky charm? No. Okay. Maybe a teensy tiny part of me believes that. BUT what I do know is that it makes me feel sexy, confident and maybe a little like an irresistible siren. Celebrate the beauty of a LBD and reward your wonderful self with a new purchase. With great options starting at only $13, you’re cheating yourself if you don’t! Every girl deserves to feel beautiful and it’s Queen LBD’s goal to make sure that happens.

Shopping Links

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Free people dress

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GUESS by Marciano dress

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