Why a ‘Pushing Daises’ revival would make me as happy as one of Chuck’s pies!

The Cast of PUSHING DAISES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

The Cast of PUSHING DAISES (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Why must the good die young? I remember that bittersweet (but mostly bitter) day when I watched the final moments of the show, Pushing Daisies. The series centered around Ned, a pie maker at The Pie Hole, who had the unique ability to bring dead things to life – including his dog, Digby, and the love of his life, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles. And much like the murder victims Ned touched and talked to, the show’s life was cut much too short, only lasting for two brief seasons. Many a fan, I’m sure, mourned the show’s premature demise like I did, rewatching every episode and wondering why it had to end so soon.

But for fans like me, all hope is not lost! There is talk of a Pushing Daisies revival, possibly in film or stage musical format. Now, there has been some speculation about whether or not this would be a good idea; some say yes, and some say no. I can speak for myself, though, and probably most other Pushing Daisies lovers when I say that this doesn’t sound like a good idea – it sounds like an amazing idea!

With the brightly colored clothes, theatrical sets, quirky dialogue and the occasional solo from Kristen Chenowith’s character, Olive, the TV series would lend itself quite well to the stage. I think it could be very fun and very successful in musical form. I don’t know what kind of musical talent or stage acting experience all of the other actors have, but I still think that a musical adaptation would be easy to create and really enjoyable to watch.

As for a film version, I would also be extremely excited to see that. Ned, Chuck, Olive, Emerson, Lily, Vivian, Digby and all the rest, back on the screen? That would be a dream come true. Obviously this venture would work best with the original cast (it’s difficult to imagine any of our beloved characters portrayed by anyone else), but if Bryan Fuller, the show’s creator, could bring them back, I have no doubt that a film would be a big hit.

So, here’s to hoping that the pie maker has an opportunity to use his magic finger once again and bring back to life the adventure that died much too soon.

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