Girls Night In (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media Ltd)

Different Ways To Enjoy a ‘Girls Night In’

Girls Night In (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media Ltd)

Girls Night In (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media Ltd)

As fun as it is to have a night on the town with your girlfriends, some of the best memories are made just by simply enjoying each other’s company. The funniest stories are often told in the comfort of one another’s homes, because in all honesty, some things just aren’t meant to be shared at a bar or club. The best part about having a girls-night-in with your ladies is that you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. These nights guarantee the most laughs, and if you’re friends are as ridiculous as mine, you may even end the night with some quality black mail. Since I’m a big fan the girls-night-in, I’ve created a list of some fun ways to spruce up the nights you and your friends want to relax and unwind together (and at a low price).

DIY Project + Wine Night

Many things in life are a little bit better when a nice wine is added to the mix. And for all of you Pinterest fans out there, a DIY wine night should be right up your alley. Gather a group of your girlfriends and decide on one or two DIY projects that can be finished in one night. One option could be having each friend bring their own canvas and paint, and together paint a meaningful quote or image the group agrees on. It might be funny to compare whose painting turned out the best after a couple glasses of wine!

Homemade Pizza Night

Because who doesn’t love a good pizza? Go back to your childhood days when creating your own pizza was one of the most exciting things that happened to dinnertime. Have each of your friends buy their favorite pizza topping and start an assembly line of ingredients as you begin to bake. If making homemade dough seems a little too aggressive (it does to me), go ahead and buy premade dough and get the party started even earlier. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a pizza topping combination you never knew before.

Spa Night

Girls love spas, and friends love going to spas together—so why not bring the spa to your home. The best part about a “Girls Night In Spa” is that it can be done at a very low cost. You can use different home ingredients to make homemade exfoliates and face masks. Egg whites can be used as a clarifying facemask, and sugar and honey can be used together as an exfoliating treatment. If you’re feeling a mani and pedi, have each friend bring their favorite nail polish…now you’ve got a whole display of colors to choose from at no cost.

Potluck and Playlist Swap

Good friends, good food and good music—is there anything better? Turn your potluck into a music swap, and depending on how much wine you consume, maybe even a dance party. Have your friends bring their favorite entrée or appetizer to dinner, and request that they bring a playlist along to the party. Not only can you play each other’s music throughout the night, you also leave with some new songs to add to your playlist. If someone’s playlist becomes awkward or just down right annoying, you should have plenty of options to choose from if each friend follows the Potluck Playlist rules.

Staying in does not have to only include a night of Netflix, PJ’s, and wine. It’s time to ditch the traditional movie night (but keep the wine), and reconsider the ways you spend your “Girls Night In.”

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