First official ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer promises plenty of steam!

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (Image Credit: Universal Pictures and Focus Features)
FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (Image Credit: Universal Pictures and Focus Features)

I just watched the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m already a little inappropriately excited to see this film and I hate the books! I know, you’re all balking at me for disliking the books but that’s why my recommendation to watch this trailer (and eventually patron the film) means even more. I genuinely thought I’d be relatively underwhelmed by the teaser but I was definitely mistaken. Here are a couple reasons why I found it so tantalizing:

  1. Jamie Dornan – oh hello, sexy CEO. His intense stare and ridiculous body are just two admirable qualities observable in the trailer. I happen to already be a fan of this actor from The Fall which aptly displayed his ability to portray a cold sexual deviant with all the allure that women want in their unavailable men. Tack on his native Irish accent (although absent for this film) and all bets of control are off when encountering this sizzling actor.
  2. Beyonce – If you’re a huge Beyonce fan then you probably already know about her teasers regarding her involvement in the film, well, she doesn’t disappoint. A special rendition of Crazy in Love scored by artist Boots was recorded exclusively for this film and it is hot! The lyrics are sung low, drawn out and breathy…work it Bey! I can’t wait to buy this version when it drops.

The jury is still out on Dakota Johnson and the chemistry she’ll generate with Mr. Dornan, there is no way to assess this through cleverly cut trailers so I guess I’ll have to watch the film on Valentine’s Day to investigate properly. However, if this trailer is any indication – this movie is going to blow up and send a lot of women out into the world ready to explore a little Grey matter.


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BreAna Hansen studied Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Irvine graduating Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She won two UCI screenwriting awards while earning her Bachelors and continues to develop screenplays in her free time. BreAna is a member of Women in Film Seattle and the Society for Cinema & Media Studies. She is also the creator and principle writer of A Girl with Glasses, an entertainment blog.

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