Discover the best sunglasses for your face shape!

Sunglasses (Image Credit: Amanda Truss)
Sunglasses (Image Credit: Amanda Truss)

One of the hardest parts about summer fashion is finding a way to protect yourself from the sun while attempting to stay cool at the same time. Not only will these fun sunnies keep dangerous UV rays out of your eyes, but they’ll also help you make a statement you’ll want to rock year round.

Not sure what category your face shape best falls into? Check out the descriptions below to find out and see which sunglass styles you should be flaunting this summer!

Sunglass Guide #1

Heart-shaped & Long

Wide foreheads, narrow jawlines, high cheekbones and narrow chins characterize faces that are heart-shaped. Cat eye and round sunglasses, such as the ones pictured here, best accentuate this face type by complimenting bone structure. These styles are also recommended for those with long faces, which have long and narrow chins and cheeks.


Sunglass Guide #2Square

Square-shaped faces are proportional in length and width and are characterized by a defined jaw, a square chin and a broad forehead. Because of this overall rigid shape, square-shaped faces are best paired with curved sunglass styles such as these round, oval, and cat eye shades.


Sunglass Guide #4Round

If your face is proportional in length and width but has soft curves and few (if any) angles, your face shape falls under this category. Those with round faces should stick to sunglasses that are more structured in shape to help add some definition to their look, such as the angular frames pictured here.


Sunglass Guide #3Oval

Oval-shaped faces have balanced proportions with narrow foreheads and jawlines, high cheekbones, and chins that are marginally narrower than the forehead. Due to the structure and balance of this face shape, those with oval-shaped faces can wear any style of sunglasses they want – lucky them! If you’re feeling bold, check out some of these daring shades in both traditional and nontraditional styles.

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Cover image courtesy of Amanda Truss
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