What we know about ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’



I recently binge watched all three seasons of American Horror Story and I get the hype. I understand why my Twitter feed was bombed with tweets of characters I knew nothing of. Until now.

I’m fully convinced that anything Ryan Murphy creates is pure gold and I’m not exaggerating. The storylines are so twisted and intricate, something I have never really seen in a show before. Being that it’s an anthology series, you’re sure to get something new each season.

I’ve been pretty much gluing my face to my computer screen to see if any news pops up for Season 4, American Horror Story: Freak Show. This is what the world knows so far:

1. Our favorite recurring characters are coming back to play. This includes: Kathy Bates, who will play as Ethel Darling; Sarah Paulson, conjoined twins named Bette and Dot Tattler; Evan Peters, Bates’ on-screen son Jimmy Darling; Angela Bassett, who goes by Desiree Dupree and is married to Bates’ ex-husband; and legendary Jessica Lange. As much as I love Lange, unfortunately, rumor has it that this will be her last season on the show — I really can’t think of the show without her. Lily Rabe will most likely not make it on the show as a regular due to her commitments with her new television series The Whispers. No word on whether or not Taissa Farmiga will be coming back but based on her tweet, it doesn’t seem likely! Other characters from previous seasons returning include Emma Roberts (her character’s name is Maggie), Denis O’Hare, Jamie Brewer, Frances Conroy and Gabourey Sidibe.

2. The season will take place during the 1950s in Jupiter, Fla. but will be filmed in New Orleans. Ryan Murphy hinted that there are clues if we look at the historical aspect of that time period. Time to brush up on our history.

3. As with every season, new faces are joining the original cast. Michael Chiklis (The Shield) will play Evan Peters’ father, Bate’s on-screen ex-husband and Bassett’s current on-screen husband. We’ll also get to see Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games, American Beauty) who will make his debut during the two-part Halloween episode as Eddie, Kathy Bates’ tormentor.

Two new faces were also made public: All My Children alum Finn Wittrock and non-other than Ms. Patti LaBelle! Although we’re still unsure just what Wittrock’s role will be in the show, LaBelle will play Sidibe’s mother who will be featured in a four episode arc. According to E!, LaBelle will be the a local townsperson who is trying to uncover the secrets behind the dreaded clown killer. So, no. She won’t be singing on the show like Stevie Nicks did last sea.

4. There will be plenty of freaks. We already know Sarah Paulson is a freak. I mean that in a good way. She recently leaked this information with a photo of her… heads, Bette and Dot. (It’s been revealed that the image isn’t quite how her character will look like but she IS playing a two-headed character!) She’s not the only freak. Expect to see the bearded lady. For sure we know that Angela Bassett will NOT be playing the bearded lady.

5. During Comic-Con, audience members learned that the “big bad” this season will be played by John Caroll Lynch. If you’re a devoted fan of the show, his character was described as Rubber Man (season one) and Bloody Face (season two), “but worse.” It hasn’t been confirmed but my bet he is “Twisty the Clown Killer.” (Supposedly the “most terrifying clown ever.”) That’ll go well with viewers who are already scared of clowns.

6. Lange plays Elsa Mars; a German ex-pat in charge of the freaks. Lange and a German accent? I can’t wait to see how that goes. Pretty sure she’ll kill it.

7. Filming began in July in time for their Fall premiere. (Crossing my fingers for more leaked photos!)

8. NO TEASERS have been released yet. Although, this one was really convincing until the we all found out it was fan-made!

So, there you have it. You know as much as I do. Come on, showrunners! Haven’t we waited long enough?

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