‘Jane the Virgin’ is a must watch show of 2014!

JANE THE VIRGIN (Image Credit: Gregg Gayne/The CW)

JANE THE VIRGIN (Image Credit: Gregg Gayne/The CW)

In a season where romantic comedies are dropping like flies from all the major networks (rest in peace A to Z, Manhattan Love Story and Selfie, amongst others), the CW’s Jane the Virgin has proved to be a gem whose shine will not be dulled. Haven’t heard of it? You’re missing out. The show, loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela, revolves around the incredible story of Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), a 23-year-old virgin who goes in for a pap smear and instead is accidentally inseminated with the only sample her boss (and former crush) has left after battling cancer. Intrigued yet? Read on for more reasons why you should be watching Jane the Virgin!

Gina Rodriguez as Jane

For any show to succeed, you need to find a star that just oozes lovability. Rodriguez was truly a fantastic find by the casting directors as she continues to win over both audiences and critics alike. Unlike other leading characters who get too angry, too whiney and too preachy, Jane is so down to earth and upbeat while attempting to navigate her unbelievable circumstances. Rodriguez appears to slip into the role of Jane effortlessly.

The Updated Telenovela

Like American soap operas, telenovelas tend to skate on thin ice when it comes to being over the top and corny. What’s so great about Jane is that it pretty much is a soap opera with all of its over the top drama and multiple story lines, yet it manages to poke fun at the genre in a tasteful way, thus making you forget that (gasp) you’re watching a cooler version of one. A standout character so far in the series is Jane’s dad, Rogelio De La Vega, a major telenovela star. He’s every stereotypical soap opera characteristic rolled into one ridiculous guy, but he’s proving he’s far more than bad green screen background and dramatically delivered lines.

Fast Moving Plot

You know how sometimes it seems to take forever for a TV show to move in the direction you both know and want it to go in? The writers for Jane deserve some major credit because they’ve managed to move the plot of the show along fast and giving us what we really want (Helloooo, Raphael), while still managing to bring in a new plot twist when you least expect it. That being said, a lot happens in each episode, so you definitely need to be paying attention, which trust me, is very easy to do.

The Melting Pot Factor

One of the things I love best about Jane is that it truly appeals to a wide group of people. The US isn’t just an English speaking country anymore. We have a huge population of Spanish speaking people, so it’s wonderful that there’s finally a great show the incorporates both English and Spanish. Don’t let this scare you off if you don’t know any Spanish- the dialogue is always super easy to follow with subtitles included. In addition to the use of the two languages, the show makes use of text messages quite a bit to move certain scenes along. At first, I wasn’t so into this, why would I want to be reading more than necessary while trying to chill out in front of the TV? But with each new episode, you come to realize it’s a smart move after all. Texting is a huge part of our culture and it was bound to show up in program writing at some point. Innovative move, Jane the Virgin.

A Relatable Twenty Something

Another thing that is so fantastic about the show is that we finally have a twenty something who is completely relatable. In so many shows you see people in their twenties living these totally lavish, cityscape lifestyles, filled with glamorous parties and hot hookups on a consistent basis. For a while it’s fun to get lost in, but sooner than later you start to realize your life might be totally different. Yes, very, very few of us are pregnant virgins, but in quite a few ways, we’re totally similar to Jane. She’s working while finishing school, living at home still, and the people she sees most often are her mother, grandmother and her boyfriend. See, there are some normal people on TV.

So Many Places to Go

As I said before, the show has multiple story lines that it’s working with. Revolving around the premise of a pregnant virgin, it may at first appear that the series literally only has nine months of material to be working with. But oh no! There’s the case of what will happen to Jane and her fiancé, Jane and the real father of the baby, the real father’s crazy, Mafia involved wife, the romance between Jane’s mother and Jane’s father (who she’s only just recently found out about), and Jane’s boyfriend’s super weird brother- just to name a few. There is definitely some very promising stuff to work with for future seasons.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you’d like the show, just go and watch it! I promise you, you’ll be hooked. With a character as sweet as Jane, it’s all too easy to get addicted to this wonderfully fresh, new series. You can catch Jane the Virgin at 8/7c Mondays on the CW!

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