5 Artists Who Need to Do a ‘7/11’ Video

Beyonce "7/11" Music Video (Image Credit: Sony Music Entertainment)

Beyonce “7/11” Music Video (Image Credit: Sony Music Entertainment)

Beyoncé has surprised the world more than once. There was the time she broke away from Destiny’s Child and became one of the biggest music superstars in the universe; the time she dropped an entire album — that is utterly #flawless in every way — without any promotion; the time she unsurprisingly became the queen of America; and the time she proved she doesn’t need to abide by the industry standards of what it takes to make an awesome music video.

As an early Thanksgiving miracle, Beyoncé released a music video for “7/11,” a song from the extended version of her self-titled album released in December 2013. It wasn’t filled with flashy production values, sound stage sets or even the serious tone that often fills her videos. Instead, we see Beyoncé in a homemade style video, drinking out of solo cups, goofing around with fun choreography and dialing her foot like a phone. Simply put, it’s awesome.

Filled with quick cuts and tons of costume changes, the video has now reached more than 100 million views. For me, the relaxed atmosphere makes this video a showstopper. Our pop culture is saturated with highly produced videos where every detail is discussed. It’s a breath of fresh air to have this joy-filled, easy-going video. It humanizes this mega superstar and adds a sense of normalcy to the queen of the world.

Even though she is Queen Bey, Beyoncé isn’t the only person I’d love to see do this kind of video. Check out this list of five other artists I would like to see do their own kind of “7/11” music video.

Lady Gaga

It’s a no-brainer. She was the very first artist I thought of when I started formulating this list. Next to Beyoncé, Gaga is my favorite modern pop artist. She fulfills every aspect needed to create her own “7/11” video: a fun personality, incredible creativity, energetic songs and, I’m sure, a beautiful home to film in. Her usual music video is heavily produced and stylized so just imagine what she could do if she just relaxed and sang her song. But I bet that her attempting to not try hard on a creating a music video would still seem like a lavish production because it’s just how Mother Monster rolls. Fingers crossed her adorable French bulldog Asia makes an appearance!

Justin Timberlake

From hosting hilarious Saturday Night Live episodes to joking around with his pal Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake has shown he loves to have a good time. He’s great at comedy and could make an amazing at-home video to show off his laid back attitude. More importantly, his dancing is better than his amazing personality! Seriously. His body is a wonderland. I would love to see him just experiment and try something silly. Combine his goofy nature with his spectacular moves and it is the perfect “7/11” style video.

Britney Spears

As a ’90s kid, I’m programmed to love Britney Spears. After her big comeback, she seems very grounded in her family life while still having an amazing revived career. She already uses social media to show her fun-loving nature and home life. She’s hilarious and is prime example of one of the main reasons we want celebrities on social media: a behind-the-scenes look at who they really are. Just expand what she’s already doing and add a new single in the background. Plus, I just really need new Britney Spears music.

Jessie J

Her video for “Masterpiece” already has some home video-esque elements, so I would love to see her do a full video in that style. If she did a video like “7/11,” she can let her beautiful voice be the star instead of worrying about tropes like lots of backup dancers or costumes. Her “Bang Bang” video is all about girls having fun and being in charge. It would be perfect for the “7/11” treatment.

Bruno Mars

I’m not the biggest fan of Bruno Mars, but I think he could create a fabulous “7/11” style video. His simplistic yet grooving new dance for “Uptown Funk” is very fun to watch and that tune is incredibly catchy. It would be the perfect song for a “7/11” treatment. He’s fun, talented and cute. The criterion have been met.

We all love the special moments when we get to see our favorite stars be themselves. Doing “7/11” style music videos is a great way to entice fans with a more personal look at who someone is as an artist while promoting his or her latest single. You’ve done it again, Beyoncé. Snaps for you.


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