The Best Moments the 57th Grammy’s

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So… Are all your social media accounts blowing up with either updates from The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul or The Grammy’s? Yeah, me too. But, it seemed like almost everyone tuned into “The biggest night in music!” Even though it was about four hours long and back-to-back performances, The Grammys delivered this year. Now, here’s a recap just in case you decided to skip out on this award show.Madonna Proves She Is Still The Queen of Pop

Even though her music has been leaked over the past few weeks, that does not phase Madonna. Making sure everyone still remembers who’s queen, she gives a killer performance of “Living for Love” off her much anticipated album Rebel Heart.

The Voice Took Over The Award Show For A Little Bit

Adam Levine and former judge Gwen Stefani took the stage to perform their duet “My Heart is Open.” My heart is actually breaking knowing Stefani won’t be back for another season of The Voice.

Annie Lennox Literally Puts a Spell on Everyone

It’s really hard to believe Annie Lennox is 60 years old. How is that even possible? The singer-songwriter joined the stage with Hozier to perform his hit song “Take Me To Church” and her song, “Put A Spell On You.” I’m sorry, but I’m still trying to figure out how to be that badass when I’m older.

Pharrell Becomes a Bellboy

Well, not really. But, just about everyone thought of a bellboy or most especially the hotel lobby boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was a weird take on “Happy” but maybe this is a new trend?

Katy Perry Gave Everyone The Feels

In an emotional tribute to domestic violence, Katy Perry performed her track “By The Grace of God” but not before a domestic abuse survivor introduced the singer as she describes her story. Cue the waterworks.

Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney Perform “FourFiveSeconds”

Paul McCartney has been making his rounds in the music industry and we’re glad he is. This is the first ever live performance of their much talked about song, “FourFiveSeconds” and it was beautiful.

Beck Wins Album of the Year. Kanye Pretends to Interrupt. Social Media Explodes.

If you blinked, you might have missed it. Just after the legendary artist Prince announced that Beck won the Grammy for Artist of the Year, it seemed like Kanye was about to barge on stage and recreate the whole Kanye-Taylor Swift moment. Don’t worry, it didn’t happen. What DID happen was a bewildered Twitter feed that eventually trended “Who is Beck” worldwide. Poor Beck!

Kristen Wiig Pretends To Be Sia

In something we probably all weren’t expecting, comedian Kristen Wiig accompanied Sia on stage while she performed “Chandelier.” She’s actually not bad at interpretative dancing.

Beyonce Proves That She Is, In Fact, An Angel

Before introducing Common and John Legend with their performance of their Golden Globe winning song “Glory,” Queen Bey performed “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.” Without even taking one step, it’s safe to say everyone was left in awe.

Sam Smith Slayed The Award Show

Sam Smith seems to be having a good night going home with FOUR Grammy’s in the following categories: Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. In true Sam Smith fashion, he keeps it classy giving a shout out to who his album was based off of, “Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammy’s.”

Besides all the happenings captured on-screen, there were certainly GIF-worthy moments behind the camera that I’m guessing will soon be viral over the next few days. What did you think of The Grammy’s? Did you watch it or did you opt out of it? Let us know!

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