Escape the Room and Other Indoor NYC Experiences

(Image Credit: Escape the Room)

(Image Credit: Escape the Room)

If you find yourself in New York and searching for a unique adventure, all you have to do is buy a ticket to one of these four unique indoor experiences! The following list is of interactive indoor activities that you can join in on. They all involve some kind of mystery or puzzle. From zombies to Shakespeare, there is a room for everyone, so check it out.

Escape the Room

Escape the Room involves solving a series of puzzles to try to get out of the room. It lasts for one hour and costs $28 USD. The cool thing is that there are two locations you can choose from and multiple scenarios. The amount of participants at a time ranges from 10-12.

The downtown location has a theatre scenario and an apartment scenario. In the theatre you’re attempting to escape a theatre or it is “curtain for everyone.” The apartment is set-up like you are trapped with roommates in a cozy, typical NYC apartment. There is also an office scenario. Because there is so much variety, you could try a different puzzle every time you visit the city.

Room Escape Adventures

This company has 18 locations all over the United States and two in Europe (Spain and England). There is a twist on the basic escaping a singular room plot; there is a zombie inside with you. The zombie is chained to a wall and every five minutes his chains loosen more. If the zombie touches you then you have to sit down. These sessions take up to 12 people and last an hour. In case you are worried, the FAQ page assures people that “cannibalism has been outlawed since 1804, so the Zombie is not legally permitted to eat you.”

Locations in America range in cost from $22-28 USD. Both Europe locations cost 28 Euros.

Mystery Room NYC

This particular activity makes me think of being dropped in a real life CSI television episode. This is similar to Escape the Room, because the goal is to use the clues in the room to figure out how to escape. Tickets are $28 USD for a one hour experience. The scenario on the website is that you are a detective investigating a missing employee with your team. I like this because it is a puzzle and a specific story. It is built to accommodate 6-10 people. If you want to make sure your whole group goes together, book a slot where there’s enough space for you all. I think this would be a great family bonding activity.

Sleep No More

This interactive activity differs quite a bit from the previous three. Part entertainment and part interactive, the event takes places in The McKittrick Hotel built in 1939. It was meant to be the city’s most luxurious hotel of the time, but was condemned two days before World War II began. A company called Emursive bought it and is working with Punchdrunk, an award-winning immersive theatre group from London, to put on Sleep No More. The story scenario is Shakespeare’s Macbeth “through the lens of suspenseful film noir.”

Because the space is an entire hotel instead of a singular room, it accommodates many more people than a group of 12. Individuals can move through rooms whenever they want during the three hour session. Actors will be planted throughout with their own story-lines. The result is a highly individualized experience. No two people will have the exact same story to tell at the end of the evening. Masks add to the mystery and are part of the requirements. If it all gets to be a bit much, there is a bar inside that you can take a break at.

Standard ticket prices start at $80 USD.

There you have it, whether you are looking for something literarily inspired or just a good old fashioned act-out puzzle, New York City has something for you.

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