Five Ways To Fight Puffy Eyes

(Image Credit: Tinx)

(Image Credit: Tinx)

There are many reasons why people’s eyes get puffy. A lack of sleep, excessive crying or even allergies can be to blame. For me, it is most often attributed to binge watching Netflix and crying when I get too invested in a plot line. No one wants to deal with the incessant questions by well-meaning onlookers when it comes to going out in public. Next time you find yourself feeling poofy, check out these home remedies.

The most popular fix, and my own personal go-to, is cucumber slices. However, did you know that sliced potatoes will substitute in just as well? Whichever you choose, dip the sliced food into a bowl of ice water. Let it chill for a while; I put a timer on for five minutes. Then, go lay down somewhere and place the slices over your eyes. The natural astringent part of the cucumber or potato will do the trick. Try relaxing by listening to music while you do this. It’s easiest to do when you have time. I do not recommend this before running out of the door.

Another easy solution is water! Water is magic. Soaking the cucumbers in cold water works, but so does just plain cool water on its own. Try splashing your face with it over the sink. A cold towel or compress to the face for a few minutes helps too. The best use of water to help your puffy eyes, though, is drinking it. A well hydrated body is an efficient body.

Next time you are at the grocery store pick up a box of black tea bags. When you find yourself in the puffy situation, chill a tea bag (in cold water) and then rest it over your eyes. Leave the bag there until it is not cold or you feel relief. Other tea bags can be used to, but try to stick to natural sounding ones like mint or chamomile.

Bananas are next up. Eating a banana or two will deliver rich potassium straight to your system. It will help even things right up. One friend of mine swears by mashing half of a banana and applying the mush to the area of her eye bags. This may be a nice relaxing thing after a long day. Personally, I will keep taking my dose of banana internally.

Finally, if you previously had on makeup, make sure to wash your face and put on lotion. Sometimes leftover makeup can irritate the skin and cause it to react. A fresh slate always helps. If your skin is sensitive try a natural lotion for your face.

That is it! What tips and trips do you rely on when you are in a pinch? Comment below and share with other Daily Quirk readers.

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