Quirky Item of the Week: Leather Wine Caddy

(Image Credit: fyxation)

(Image Credit: fyxation)

As a self-proclaimed wino, this awesome piece immediately caught my eye. When was the last time you wanted to bring a bottle of wine somewhere, but couldn’t because you were afraid it would break? It seems that the only way to safely get a bottle of wine anywhere is to have it in your hands at all times (corked, of course). Not anymore with this incredibly useful Fyxation Leather Wine Caddy!

Imagine you’re going on a picnic with your best friends or on a romantic date in the park with the potential love of your life and you want to bring the perfect bottle of wine, but you have no way of getting it there without it breaking. Having this Wine Caddy will allow you to safely secure the bottle right to your bike without any fear of it falling off or breaking!

Not only is it stylish, but it will hold a full bottle of wine risk-free. The Wine Caddy comes in both black and brown leather and easily straps on to the top tube of the bike. If you’re the type to ride your bike around the city and are looking for an easy and safe way to bring a bottle of wine to your next party or picnic, you can purchase this Wine Caddy for only $39.95 USD from Fyxation!

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