REVIEW: Jackpot Candles are a real prize!

(Image Credit: Jackpot Candles)

(Image Credit: Jackpot Candles)

There are several things in life that I have a hard time turning down. One of those things is a candle. I love candles, and I have two shelves in my pantry that prove to you that I seriously don’t need to buy anymore. However, I just keep coming back to candles because there’s nothing like coming home from a stressful day at work, turning on your favorite music, dimming the lights and lighting a candle to just relax (optional but usually required – a glass of wine).

Now imagine that same de-stressing ritual, but knowing in just a few short hours of burning the candle you’ll have a wonderful piece of jewelry to add to your collection? Well, it’s possible and thanks to the wonderful people at Jackpot Candles, I’m here to tell you it’s also pretty awesome.

We received an Ocean Breeze scented candle from Jackpot Candles that was going to contain a necklace that ranged in price from $5 to $5000 USD. The odds of finding a really pricey necklace is slim, but it doesn’t take away from the mystery of wondering just what your candle will hold.

The candles are made entirely of soy wax, which means they are eco-friendly, and they burn really well. The only downside is they may burn a little quickly, but is it really a downside if it means getting a nice piece of jewelry?

And speaking of jewelry, the great thing about Jackpot Candles is instead of just receiving a ring, you can choose from a ring, necklace or earrings. If you decide you want the ring, you can also select a ring size, that way once you remove the little foil packet from the wax you can actually wear it. Which is a huge selling point, because who wants to go through the trouble of getting a ring they got from a candle resized?

Once we opened the foil packet, we got to see the necklace that was inside. Truthfully, the necklace wasn’t anything too spectacular, but it doesn’t deter me from going back to buy another candle. I may never wear the necklace with a fancy ball gown, but it makes a great conversation piece with a casual outfit. Or, it’d be a great little gift to pass on to my niece who is just a jewelry fanatic.

Basically, this is an awesome gift for just about anyone who loves a two-part gift. Buy one for your teacher, your mom, your best friend, yourself – you can even buy one for your husband or boyfriend and then act all surprised when you find out there is a piece of jewelry in there.

You can order a Jackpot Candle by visiting their website. Thank you Jackpot Candles for sending us the great candle!

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