An Exclusive Interview with ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and ‘Teen Beach Movie’ star Chrissie Fit!

Chrissie Fit (Image Credit: Ben Miller)

Chrissie Fit (Image Credit: Ben Miller)

Musical comedies are so not a thing of the past. We are seeing so much more of them and honestly, I’d like to thank High School Musical for opening up that door for everyone. (TBH, I still quote that movie and sing the songs to this day) But now, the world has caught wind of this phenomenon and we have/had NBC’s Smash, Fox’s Glee and Empire and we can’t forget movies like *ahem* Pitch Perfect?

This is the movie that blew everyone out of the water with its memorable quotes, mashups and more. Three years later, here we are with Pitch Perfect 2, now out on DVD for all of us to enjoy in the comfort of our own homes. Don’t worry, we’re not judging you for repeating the movie over 20 times. You’re not alone on that one. In the sequel, we’re introduced to a few new characters such as Hailee Steinfeld who plays Emily Junk and Chrissie Fit who plays the absolutely hilarious Florencia “Flo” Fuentes!

You may remember Chrissie Fit in her outstanding role in another hit musical… Teen Beach Movie? Yes! CheeChee! C’mon. You know she rocks that beehive like no other. Well, The Daily Quirk had the amazing opportunity to interview Fit where we talked about Pitch Perfect 2, her own college experience and what’s it like to be a role model for her younger audience.

The Daily Quirk: Your character Florencia “Flo” Fuentes is one of the best things from Pitch Perfect 2. First off, how did you hear about this role? Going into auditions, did you envision your character in a specific way other than how we know Flo now?

Chrissie Fit: That’s so sweet of you to say. Thanks! But I heard about it the old fashion way, through my managers and agents. I think I remember them saying something like, “Just go for it. Like you did with CheeChee (from Teen Beach Movie). I realized through Kay Cannon’s brilliant writing that she was very dry and sarcastic so I expanded on that. I’d say Flo is very close to how I played her in the audition room.

TDQ: Since the DVD is coming out on Sept. 22, there will be tons of features on it! What’s your favorite from it that we should probably watch ASAP?

CF: I still don’t know what’s on there. Someone at Universal did confirm that Brittany Snow’s “Jump into the pool” scene is on the extras and that makes me happy. It was so fun to film that. At the end of the scene, I was the only other Bella to jump into the pool in an alternate version (not sure that that’s in there). I jumped in because I was just so stoked to be there.

Chrissie Fit and Brittany Snow in PITCH PERFECT 2 (Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

Chrissie Fit and Brittany Snow in PITCH PERFECT 2 (Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

TDQ: How was your college experience in comparison to college in Pitch Perfect 2? Were you ever part of an acapella group or any similar organizations?

CF: I wasn’t in an acapella group but I did study theatre so that felt like its own little world. I was also in a sorority (Alpha Xi Delta) and that’s where I found the most similarities. It was awesome to be somewhat back in college.

TDQ: Pitch Perfect has some pretty quotable lines in the movie. I still hear people say aca-awesome up to this day. What is your go-to pitch perfect line?

CF: The whole aca-thing is incredible! It’s just fun to do and how cool that something like that has become such a thing. I am guilty of doing it myself.

TDQ: I have to bring up your cover of “Flashlight” with James Maslow because that was my go-to song and on repeat for about a week! How did that collaboration come about?

CF: That was so fun and came about so quickly. James and I met and knew we wanted to do something together (he’s an awesome dude). Within a week we were in the studio and later filming a video for it. I was so busy that week so I think we recorded the song in an hour and then filmed the music video in like two hours. It was nuts!

TDQ: You played epic roles from CheeChee in Teen Beach Movie to Flo. Since these are characters from music-centric movies, what type of role would you want to take on next?

CF: I, of course, love musicals because I get to do all the things I love to do; but I’d love to do a drama soon. It’s been a while since I did some serious stuff and that would be a nice change. I love to keep it interesting and always welcome new challenges.

TDQ: You’ve been in two huge movies that really stress the importance of girl empowerment. What is it like for you knowing you’re inspiring thousands of younger girls and being a role model for so many watching you on screen? Have you received any comments or remarks from any other younger viewers that are just in awe of you?

CF: It’s such a huge honor and so rewarding. I love to work with this organization called Young Storytellers because I get to actually go to the schools and meet students who have seen the Teen Beach movies or Pitch Perfect 2. We act out short plays that these kids write themselves. It’s so wonderful to connect with them in person and not just through social media. I once met a young Latina who started crying. I’m not in One Direction so I was not prepared for this. I asked her why she was crying and she said, “I always pretend that I am CheeChee when I play Teen Beach Movie with my friends cause we look the same. And we do!” It took all of me not to cry and adopt her as my little sister.

TDQ: I’ve read that you also like to do behind the scenes work and you’ve written a few screenplays. What was it that inspired you to not only pursue your dream to become an actress and be in front of the camera but work from behind it as well? Do you have a preference of one over the other?

Chrissie Fit (Image Credit: Ben Miller)

Chrissie Fit (Image Credit: Ben Miller)

CF: I love both! I actually started acting because I wrote myself into a play at school. There weren’t any more roles so I created one. I’ve always had that side of me. It’s just been dormant for a while because I’ve focused so much of my time and energy on acting. Now I know that it’s all interconnected. Writing has helped with my acting and acting has helped with my writing. I think I can say that being a part of Pitch Perfect 2 and being surrounded by such strong, talented women, in front and behind the camera, really inspired me to start writing again.

TDQ: This past summer has been a huge and busy one for you, what can we expect to see from you next?

CF: There are a couple of things coming up that I can’t really go into detail about yet. I can hint that I’m still going to be part of the Disney family in a cool and different way. I’m really excited about that! And I just finished writing my first solo script which basically means that I climbed Mount Everest and made it back alive.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Chrissie Fit for taking the time chat! To find out more about Fit, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Pitch Perfect 2 out on DVD now. Like, right now. Aca-believe it.

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