See What It’s Like to Be a Supermodel with Karlie Kloss’s ‘Klossy’

Karlie Kloss is a world-famous supermodel, fashion icon and Girl Squad member all-in-one. The mega star has found herself thrust into the spotlight thanks to her successful modeling campaigns with companies like Victoria’s Secret and Dior, just to name a couple. Kloss has recently been seen strutting the catwalks at various fashion weeks, as well as red carpets all around the world.

Over the summer Kloss launched Klossy, a YouTube channel featuring her busy life and giving an inside glimpse at what it’s like to live like a superstar. The videos range from behind-the-scenes looks at photo shoots and runway shows to Q&A sessions and watching her bake cakes. If you’re looking for proof that supermodels love sweets just as much as us, Klossy is your place to go!

I’ve never been one to consistently watch a YouTube channel, but Klossy has definitely changed my ways! I always find myself looking forward to Karlie’s next video just to see where her insanely busy life has taken her and the incredible experiences she shares. Being a sought-after supermodel is not anywhere in my future, so if watching Klossy is the closest I can get, I’ll take it!

Check out Klossy on YouTube, and be sure to follow her on social media!

Instagram – @KarlieKloss

Twitter – @KarlieKloss

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