5 Harry Potter Characters Whose Backstories We Want to Read

(Image Credit: Warner Bros)

(Image Credit: Warner Bros)

The last Harry Potter book came out in 2007 and the last movie in 2011, however, HP fans are still finding out new information about their favorite characters. Through both Twitter and Pottermore, J.K. Rowling has released a lot of background information about characters that we didn’t get to learn about from the books. For example, Professor McGonagall’s background story and heartbreak left readers wanting more from the author. Here are just a few HP characters we would love to know more about.


Bellatrix Lestrange

We know a lot about Bellatrix in that she belongs to the Black family, but wouldn’t readers like to know even more about her? We know she gets married to her husband Rodolphus, but we hardly see any interaction between the two like we do with her sister Narcissa and her husband. Did they get married strictly because of family duty rather than love for each other? We could also see how her obsession and devotion for Voldemort developed. So much more to learn about such a complicated character!


Peter Pettigrew

While we know quite a bit about Peter Pettigrew, his story is so interesting we could stand to learn a lot more about him. According to Professor McGonagall, Pettigrew stuck with people that had power and talent, like Harry’s dad and Voldemort. But what led him to be the way he is? Was he bullied before Hogwarts and relies on others to get him through life? How was he able to cope with being a family pet rat for 12 years?


George Weasley

In May of this year Rowling tweeted, “I’m really sorry about Fred.” After 6 books’ worth of amazing jokes and adventures with the twins, readers were inconsolable at the loss of Fred Weasley during the Battle of Hogwarts. We know that his brother George went on to continue their joke shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, get married to fellow Gryffindor Angelina Johnson, and have a son and a daughter. He named their son, their first born, after his late brother. While readers may not have a ton of questions about George, a short snippet about George dealing with the loss of his brother would be sure to spark a new wave of despair for HP fans to love and endure.


Pansy Parkinson

I know, I know, why would anyone want to know more about such a nasty girl? However, aren’t avid HP readers curious to know about anyone in the books? For example, we could learn more about her childhood and upbringing and maybe learn how she became the nasty mean girl we meet during her time at Hogwarts. Perhaps Rowling could spin a tale of heartbreak involving Pansy and Draco, as we know that the two don’t end up together. It would give the readers (and Hermione) a lot of satisfaction to know if Pansy had a difficult life after she left Hogwarts.


Teddy Lupin

It has been said that Lupin and Tonks’ son, Teddy, was a parallel of Harry himself. Both Harry’s and Teddy’s parents die because of Voldemort’s actions and both have godfathers with adventurous pasts. We find out through the article Rowling published about the Quidditch World Cup that Teddy and Victoire Weasley are involved in a relationship. How cute and exciting would it be to see their relationship develop as they experience Hogwarts and grow together?


All in all, Harry Potter has tons and tons of characters that may or may not pique the interest of a reader. This list is just a few of the characters we would like to know more about, whether they are heroes or villains. Harry Potter fans are always excited to receive even the tiniest bit of new information about the magical and exciting world Rowling created.


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